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A pre-sale center for used cars is being launched in Poland


A special training center for the sale of used cars is being launched in Poland. It will be located on the territory of the former FSO plant , an area of 22 thousand square meters. Capacity capacity — more than 18 thousand cars a year. The next may be the Ukrainian market.

A kind of «factory» for the sale of used cars is launched by the German group of companies Auto1, as part of the AutoHero project. This is a new format for selling cars online, with the execution of all documents «turnkey». Features are free delivery «under the door» and a guarantee on the purchased used car.

The company decided that for their faster development they need their own center, where the full cycle of car preparation will take place: from repair and washing to photo and video shooting, as well as documentary support of purchase and sale agreements.

Christian Bertermann, CEO and co-founder of AUTO1 Group, says the company is simply expanding into the next market, Poland. «Customers are seeking to buy their next car entirely online and are increasingly moving away from traditional time-consuming and unsatisfying car buying experiences. We are excellently positioned to meet the strongly increasing demand».

Stanislav Buchatsky, head of the Institute for Car Market Research, considers such an event an indicator of a global change in the philosophy of used car sales, as well as the movement of global corporations to the east, towards Ukraine. «The new modern trend is to buy a car online. Thus — the car checked, it is desirable — with a guarantee. And still — delivery «under a door». The opening of such a center in Warsaw is an indicator that the movement of such businesses will continue towards Ukraine. Our car market is developing dynamically and is becoming interesting for foreign investment».

These words can be confirmed by the recent statement of the COO of the Czech company CarVago Jan Kranat about plans to work in the Ukrainian market. This service is very similar to the Polish AutoHero, so the trend is growing. The arrival of such corporations in Ukraine can significantly change the market and the «rules of the game» in it. As a result, the consumer wins by getting more tools to buy a proven used car.

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