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In 2021 Ukrainians bought almost a million used cars. Top models

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In 2021, Ukrainians bought 945.3 thousand units in the domestic market. cars with mileage. And although it failed to cross the line of one million used cars, during the past year, set another record — more than 100 thousand cars sold in December. Experts from the Automotive Market Research Institute have identified the reasons for the growth of the market and the models of used cars Ukrainians bought the most.

Dynamics of domestic sales of used cars

Compared to 2020, sales of used cars increased by 18%. The market gradually «accelerated» during the year and peaked in the last month of the year. Over the last decade, the highest monthly rate of domestic resale (94 thousand) was recorded only in July 2020, when after the «lockdown» Ukrainians met the delayed demand for car registration and massively registered cars purchased earlier, during closed service centers.

Dynamics of domestic sales of used cars during 2021

Experts of the Automotive Market Research Institute identify the main reasons for the growth of domestic car sales:

  • A civilized car market is being formed. There is a legal basis for the automotive business. The change in the law helped to bring this segment of business out of the shadows. The sphere becomes more attractive, activity in it grows. As a result, there are more opportunities to buy and sell cars. The number of «car commissions» and companies that sell used cars professionally is growing.
  • Ukrainians are increasingly preferring legal registration of car purchase. Powers of attorney and «sales on the technical certificate» are a thing of the past. This is a consequence, in particular, of simplifying and reducing the cost of this procedure.
  • Cars have become more affordable. The change in import rules has made cars cheaper in the domestic market as well.
  • The need for mobility, exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The value of individual transport has increased.
  • High demand for cars in Ukraine in general. Due to artificial restrictions, there is a shortage of cars in Ukraine. At the same time, there is an increased demand for used cars due to their lower cost compared to new ones. In 2021, 60% of car sales in Ukraine were cars worth up to $ 10,000. Against the background of low levels of motorization and low purchasing power, this trend will continue.
  • The recovery of the Ukrainian economy contributes to the growth of car sales. First, Ukrainians have more money. Secondly, the determining factor when buying a car is confidence in the future.
  • The grace period for the «legalization» of the so-called «Europlates» also increased the number of domestic resales. Ukrainians often sold freshly decorated cars to recoup their money.
  • Growth in the total number of imports of used cars from abroad. As proven experts from the Automotive Market Research Institute, import cars with mileage from abroad helps to increase sales in the domestic market.

The most popular models of used cars in the domestic market

Most (in 10.8% of cases) during 2021 in the domestic market, Ukrainians chose Volkswagen cars. And this result of the year is one of the important trends, because in 2020 the championship was occupied by VAZ cars. The Soviet car heritage is gradually being replaced by used cars from abroad. However, the number of cars of this brand is still significant in the structure of the Ukrainian car market — at 10.6% of all domestic resales.

The third place was taken by Skoda cars.

The share of used car brands among domestic resales during 2021

Among the used car models preferred by Ukrainians in 2021, Daewoo Lanos took the lead. During the year, a total of 40.1 units of all modifications of the model were purchased, including Sens, Chanse and cars manufactured under the ZAZ and Chevrolet brands. This result is an «echo» of the times when more than 600,000 such cars were sold in a year with an artificially limited choice.

The second place was taken by the «peopleʼs» car of Ukrainians among freshly driven cars with mileage — Volkswagen Passat (30.7 thousand). In third place was the Skoda Octavia.

The most popular used cars among domestic resales during 2021
  1. Lanos & Sens * — 40 880
  2. Volkswagen Passat — 30,697
  3. Skoda Octavia — 27,996
  4. Volkswagen Golf — 20,994
  5. VAZ 2109/99 — 20 559
  6. Renault Megane — 14,916
  7. Ford Focus — 14 307
  8. Chevrolet Aveo * — 14,087
  9. Skoda Fabia — 13,563
  10. Opel Astra — 12,288
  11. Toyota Camry — 11 647
  12. VAZ 2107 — 10 058
  13. BMW 5 Series — 9 994
  14. VAZ 2110 — 9 255
  15. Hyundai Sonata — 9,042
  16. VAZ 2106 — 9 017
  17. Mercedes-Benz E-Class — 8,945
  18. Volkswagen Jetta — 8,914
  19. Mitsubishi Lancer — 8,765
  20. Volkswagen Transporter * — 8,692

In general, the rating of used cars in the domestic market in 2021 does not differ much from 2020. The preferences of Ukrainians are quite stable, and there are steady trends in the market. Consequently, the market can be engaged in planning.

Because the import and sale of used cars is a significant segment of the business, which is actively developing to keep abreast of change and earn, it is more important to use analytics and forecasting. The Automotive Market Research Institute can help with this. Write to us at [email protected] !

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