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The import of passenger cars slowed down. What did you manage to "drive" in April?

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The experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of the first registrations of passenger cars and identified the Top 20 most popular models that were imported from abroad in April 2024.

In April 2024 , 19,300 used cars imported from abroad were submitted for the first registration — and here, unlike the domestic resale segment, there was no significant increase in volumes, the reasons for which are described in detail in the review of the secondary market based on the results April Last monthʼs results are 28.5% higher than a year ago, in April 2023, but 9.6% lower than in March.

The most popular brands of imported cars with mileage

As in the domestic resale segment, the rating of "freshly driven" used cars in April was traditionally led by the Volkswagen brand, and once again with a clear margin from rivals in terms of quantity and market share. 3,000 such cars were registered, which was 15.6% of the total number.

Second place continues to be held by Audi, with the result of 1.7 thousand first registrations and a share of 8.6%. In third place is Nissan (8.2%, 1.6 thousand), followed by Renault with a result of 1.4 thousand and a share of 7.3%. Fifth place again belongs to Ford ( 5.9%, 1.1 thousand units).

Top 20 most popular brands among imported passenger cars with mileage in April 2024
  1. Volkswagen — 3,009 pcs.
  2. Audi — 1,661 pcs.
  3. Nissan — 1,591 pcs.
  4. Renault — 1,412 pcs.
  5. Ford — 1,134 pcs.
  6. Skoda — 1,105 pcs.
  7. BMW — 1,092 pcs.
  8. Tesla — 940 pcs.
  9. Hyundai — 850 pcs.
  10. Jeep — 665 pcs.
  11. Mazda — 637 pcs.
  12. Opel — 614 pcs.
  13. Mercedes-Benz — 499 pcs.
  14. KIA — 474 pcs.
  15. Toyota — 455 pcs.
  16. Peugeot — 318 pcs.
  17. Honda — 302 pcs.
  18. Volvo — 266 pcs.
  19. Chevrolet — 248 pcs.
  20. Mitsubishi — 224 pcs.

The most popular models of used cars from abroad

Volkswagen Golf remained the leader of "freshly driven" used cars. In April , 965 of these were brought. The presence of an electric version of the e-Golf, which we take into account in the total, as it differs only in the type of power plant, and according to this parameter, the models in the ratings are not divided, helps it to hold the lead.

Skoda Octavia is in second place (700 units), Volkswagen Passat is in third place (565 units). The fourth on the list is Renault Megane, which was "caught up" and submitted for the first registration in the number of 536 cars. Voklswagen Tiguan closes the top five "freshly driven" passenger cars with a total of 480 units.

Top 20 most popular imported cars with mileage in April 2024.

In the Top 20 of April, as in several previous months, there are three electric cars: Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3 and another TeslaModel Y. In addition to them, the electric Volkswagen e-Golf, which replenished our fleet in the amount of 247 units, is included in the total. We can also mention the electric Ford Focus, but only 9 of them arrived in April, so with such a number it does not have a significant impact on the market and the positioning of the mentioned model in the ratings. The import of electric cars is facilitated by the "zero" rate of customs clearance and the absence of a fee to the Pension Fund upon first registration. You can also add the fuel economy factor to this list, the prices of which are quite significant.

Hereʼs what the Top 20 most popular imported used cars look like in April:

  1. Volkswagen Golf — 965 pcs.
  2. Skoda Octavia — 700 pcs.
  3. Volkswagen Passat — 565 pcs.
  4. Renault Megane — 536 pcs.
  5. Volkswagen Tiguan — 480 pcs.
  6. Nissan Leaf — 479 pcs.
  7. Audi Q5 — 446 pcs.
  8. Nissan Rogue — 402 pcs.
  9. Renault Scenic — 391 pcs.
  10. Tesla Model 3 — 387 pcs.
  11. Nissan Qashqai — 385 pcs.
  12. Audi A4 — 352 pcs.
  13. Mazda CX-5 — 341 pcs.
  14. Tesla Model Y — 320 pcs.
  15. Volkswagen Touran — 269 pcs.
  16. Opel Astra — 261 pcs.
  17. BMW 3 Series — 253 units.
  18. Ford Kuga/Escape — 252 pcs.
  19. Ford Focus — 237 pcs.
  20. Jeep Cherokee — 223 pcs.

In April, fewer first registrations of passenger cars with mileage were recorded (month-on-month), although before that the volume of "enforcement" was growing. However, at the moment it is too early to talk about the establishment of a certain trend, since the decrease in volumes in just one month does not allow us to claim that the demand for imported cars is decreasing. On the contrary, the so-called "delayed demand" accumulates, since in pre-war times, the volume of replenishment of the fleet with newly arrived passenger cars with mileage was much larger.

It is also worth considering that between customs clearance and the first registration, which are actually accounted for in this review, a certain amount of time elapses — from several days to several months (if, for example, a car from the USA needs repair). Therefore, processing the first registrations, we see the results of imports with a certain delay, especially regarding cars from the countries of America, China and Korea.

About electric trucks, which recently received benefits in the form of VAT cancellation on them. So far, these changes in the rules have not affected the volume of their imports too much. In April, 41 units arrived, no more than, for example, in March (47 units), but slightly more than in February (19 units) and January (25 units) of this year. However, last year, and without benefits, similar volumes were recorded — there were up to 39 newly arrived electric trucks per month.

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