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We support transparency in the car market: we joined the Association of Automotive Intelligence


The Auto Market Research Institute became a member of the Association of Automotive Intelligence (AAI). It is a European organization started in Lithuania that brings together automotive businesses, government agencies and other related companies to promote transparency in the car market. The main goal is to achieve both at the level of legislation and at the practical level, protecting buyers of used cars.

The association says that, first of all, they fight against fraud in the sale of used cars. "Given that up to 50 percent of cross-border car sales may have artificially low odometer readings, there is a lack of transparency throughout the car trade chain, as well as a strong collective voice to introduce anti-fraud legislation," says the AAI association.

One of the founders of the organization is the well-known CarVertical company, which collects and sells excerpts from the history of cars and helps detect fraud in the sale of used cars. Among the members are the Lithuanian state service Regitra, which is engaged in the registration of vehicles, as well as the well-known Lithuanian marketplace

For Ukrainian buyers, the problem of "twisted" mileage is no less urgent — according to the Institute of Car Market Research, more than 80% of cars on the market may have artificially low odometer readings. "A car with 100,000 and 500,000 kilometers of mileage are different goods that require different maintenance during operation, require a completely different amount of money to be spent on them, and therefore have different prices. Mileage twists arenʼt just a scam, theyʼre a scam thatʼs measured in specific amounts of buyersʼ money. Therefore, as soon as we received an invitation to join the association, which also opposes fraud on the car market, we immediately decided to join," says Stanislav Buchatskyi, head of the Institute of Car Market Research. Back in 2020, the organization developed and proposed to the parliament a corresponding draft law to prevent "twisting" of mileage.

Partner company West Auto Hub also joined the union. The Association of Automotive Intelligence calls for the cooperation of everyone who supports the idea of transparency in the car market. Information about the stupa can be obtained from the Automarket Research Institute and directly on the organizationʼs website.

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