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Retro cars sold in June 2021

According to the generally accepted world practices, vehicles of historical value can be recognized as cars older than 25 years. In Ukraine in June 2021, as many as 6,113 sales of such cars were registered. Thatʼs almost 9% of all cars sold in the past month. Of these, 70 cars — over 50 years old.

Age structure of cars sold in Ukraine during June 2021

The oldest car purchased last month was a 1939 Adler Trumpf with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine.

Adler Trumph (illustrative photo from open sources)

All other 9 positions of the oldest cars of June 2021 — products of the Soviet automobile industry:

  • GAZ-67 in 1947, 1948 and 1953
GAZ-67 (illustrative photo from open sources)
  • GAZ-69 of 1947
GAZ-69 (illustrative photo from open sources)
  • GAZ M-20 "Victory" of 1949 and 1952
GAS M-20 "Victory" (illustrative photo from open sources)
  • MZMA-400 "Moskvich" 1950
MZMA-400 "Moskvich" (illustrative photo from open sources)
  • GAS M-12 "Winter" of 1951
GAS M-12 "Winter" (illustrative photo from open sources)
  • MZMA-401 "Moskvich" 1954
MZMA-401 "Moskvich" (illustrative photo from open sources)

Two historic cars — GAZ M-12 "Winter" in 1953 and GAZ M-20 "Victory" in 1956 in June 2021 were deregistered for further export.

Problems of owners of retro cars

In Ukraine, customs clearance and state registration of vehicles that do not meet environmental standards "Euro-2" for cars and "Euro-5" for trucks and buses is prohibited. Therefore, the import of retro cars from abroad is virtually blocked. This does not make it possible to replenish Ukrainian collections with worthy foreign copies.

There is a need at the legislative level to separate historic vehicles that need to be preserved and special operating conditions from other, just old cars, and to provide them with separate conditions for import, registration and operation.

The problems of retro car owners can be solved only by changes to the legislation, supplementing it with the definition of "historic vehicle". Today, the Institute of Car Market Research together with the partner retro organization "Ukrainian Automobile Club" is developing a bill.

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