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The peak of semi-trailer sales has passed. Results of January

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of vehicle registrations in Ukraine in January and identified the top brands in three segments of semi-trailers: import of used, domestic resale and purchase of new ones.

Dynamics of the semi-trailer market

In January, Ukrainians purchased 3,500 new and used semi-trailers. This is 59.1% more than in the same period last year, and almost the same as in December 2022. The semi-trailer market is inextricably linked with tractor unit sales, so the decline in sales after the September peak is noticeable in both of these segments.

Dynamics of sales of semi-trailers in Ukraine during January 2022 — January 2023

According to the results of January, 49.9% of all semi-trailers were bought on the domestic market (1.8 thousand transactions). 1,400 used semi-trailers were brought from abroad, which accounted for 40.4% of the total number. At the same time, the share of imports has been decreasing for the third month in a row.

Only 9.7% of semi-trailers were purchased new (343 units). Of them, 37 pieces were made in Ukraine, and the remaining 306 pieces. were imported new from abroad.

The most popular semi-trailers on the domestic market

Tipper semi- trailers were the most in demand on the domestic market in January. 22.3% or 389 units bought them. quantitatively Tented platforms (318 pcs., 18.3%) and tanks (270 pcs.) were also popular.

They also made it to the top 5platform semi-trailers (228 pcs.) and   semi-trailers for transporting containers (217 units).

The most popular used semi-trailers by destination in the domestic market, January 2023

As for brands, the German Shmitz remains the leader of the domestic semi-trailer market. Among all semi-trailers, they were 15.9% (279 units).

The second and third places were also taken by German brands — Koegel (233 units, 13.2%) and Krone (190 units, 10.8%), respectively.

Turkish brand Ali Riza Usta took fourth place (5.7%, 100 units). Austrian Schwarzmuller (4.7%, 82 units) rounds out the top five.

The most popular brands of used semi-trailers in the domestic market, January 2023

The most popular used semi-trailers brought from abroad

During January 2023, the most imported semi-trailers were dump trucks (33.5%, 477 units) and awning semi-trailers (27.3%, 390 units).

The list also included awning platforms (13%, 186 units), tanks (10.7%, 153 units) and van semi- trailers (99 units).

The most popular used semi-trailers by destination, brought from abroad in January 2023

The first in the list of the most popular used semi-trailers brought from abroad was the Shmitz brand. Its share was 25% (356 units). He also leads the ranking of domestic resales.

The second place was taken by the Krone brand (144 units, 10.1%). Koegel was in third place (138 units, 9.7%), and Wielton was in fourth place (63 units, 4.4%).

French Benalu closes the top five (55 units, 3.9%).

The most popular brands of used semi-trailers imported from abroad in January 2023

The most popular new semi-trailers

Almost half of all new semi-trailers sold in January are tipper semi- trailers (125 units, 40.2% ). Another 35.4% was occupied by tank semi- trailers (110 units). The third place with a share of 12.9% (40 units) was taken by van semi- trailers, and the fourth place by awning platforms (16 units, 5.1% ). Rounding out the top 5 awning semi-trailers(11 units, 3.5% ).

The most popular new semi-trailers by destination, January 2023

The rating of new semi-trailer brands in January was led by the German Shmitz (20.4%, 70 units), the second and third places were taken by the Polish Bodex (13.4%, 46 units) and Wielton (9.9%, 34 units), respectively.

The Ukrainian brand Everlast (6.1%, 21 units) is on the fourth step, and the Turkish Ali Riza Usta is on the fifth (5.2%, 18 units).

The most popular brands of new semi-trailers, January 2023

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