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How did prices for used cars change in October? Research


The Ukrainian car market changes every month. The team of the Auto Market Research Institute regularly analyzes the statistical data of the aggregator , which collects the sale announcements of ALL cars from 100 auto sites in Ukraine, in order to monitor these changes and track trends. This time, experts determined how average prices for popular models changed in October, how much the Ukrainian car market has aged, and how the rating of the most popular brands in online car sales has changed.

Ukrainians sell more budget cars

In the future, the absolute majority of sales announcements on the Ukrainian market will consist of passenger cars worth up to $10,000. Compared to September, the share of such cars in October increased slightly: from 74.1% to 75.8% of the total number. The share of cars worth up to $3,000 increased especially noticeably: from 26.5% to 29.4%. At the same time, in June this category was 20.8%.

The price structure of used passenger cars on the Ukrainian market in September and October. According to

Thus, the trend of increasing the number of especially low-cost cars on sale continues on the market. According to the results of October, their share turned out to be the maximum in 2022.

Popular cars have become slightly cheaper

In October, the market recorded the lowest average price of a used passenger car on sale: $5,300. This is $300 (or 5.4% ) less than in September. However, this does not mean that all cars on the market have become cheaper. First of all, we are talking about the increase in the number of ads for cars in lower price categories.

Dynamics of changes in the average price of cars sold on the Internet, January-October 2022. According to

Among the ten models, the announcement of which was the most for the Ukrainian market in October, only four became cheaper, and not significantly: the leader of the Volkswagen Passat rating (from $6,900 to $6,700 ), Volkswagen Golf (from $5,000 to $4,900 ), BMW 5 Series (from $6,800 to $6,600 ), BMW 3 Series (from $5850 to $5700 ). All these cars were popular at the time of the so-called "zero" customs clearance, so their decrease in price in the first place may be the result of a significant number of offers on the market. Due to high competition, sellers have to lower prices in order to sell cars faster.

Instead, the average prices of Renault Megane and VAZ 2106 increased: in each case by $50. For the rest of the models, the price remained at the same level as in September.

Change in average prices for the most popular car models on sales sites. According to

In general, the October rating of average prices for the most popular models on sale on the Internet looks like this:

  • Volkswagen Passat — $6,700 (-$200)
  • Skoda Octavia — $6,700
  • Volkswagen Golf — $4,900 (-$100)
  • VAZ 2109/21099 — $1,500
  • Daewoo Lanos — $2,500
  • Renault Megane — $6,500 (+$50)
  • VAZ 2106 — $799 (+$50)
  • BMW 5 Series — $6,600 (-$200)
  • Opel Astra — $4,999
  • BMW 3 Series — $5,700 (-$150)

However, if compared to January, each of these models has become cheaper. Daewoo Lanos (-16.6%), VAZ 21099 (-14.3%) and Volkswagen Passat (-14.1%) lost the most in average price since the beginning of 2022.

The car market is aging

The average age of passenger cars sold by Ukrainians on the Internet in October was recorded at 16.6 years. In September, it was at the level of 16.1 years. After the lowest indicators in June and July, which were the result of the action of the so-called "zero" customs clearance (15.2 years), the average age of the offer on the market is increasing for the third month in a row.

Change in the average age of used passenger cars on the car market of Ukraine, January-October 2022. According to

The age structure also changed: the number of passenger cars produced after 1992 (that is, over 30 years old) increased: their share increased from 10.3% in September to 11.7% in October. In 2022, this indicator was higher only in February, at the level of 11.8%.

Age structure of used passenger cars on the car market of Ukraine, January-August 2022. According to data

The share of Soviet-Russian machines is growing

In October, Ukrainians published the most ads for the sale of cars of the Russian-Soviet VAZ brand. There were 11.3% of them, compared to 9.6% in September. As a result of this change, the Volkswagen car brand with a share of 10.6% (in September it was 10.7%) moved to the second place in the rating.

The share of brands of used cars on the Ukrainian car market in October. According to

In general, the ranking of the most popular brands that Ukrainians sold on the Internet in October 2022 looks like this:

  1. VAZ — 11.3%
  2. Volkswagen — 10.7%
  3. Renault — 6.1%
  4. Opel — 5.1%
  5. Mercedes-Benz — 5%
  6. Ford — 4.8%
  7. Skoda — 4.3%
  8. BMW — 4.3%
  9. Audi — 3.5%
  10. Toyota — 3.4%
  11. Daewoo — 3.3%
  12. Nissan — 3.2%
  13. Hyundai — 3.1%
  14. Mazda — 2.4%
  15. Chevrolet — 2.4%

It is interesting that in the rating of passenger car brands most often bought by Ukrainians on the domestic market in October, built on the basis of data from the Service Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Volkswagen is still in first place. There may be several reasons for this, the Institute of Car Market Research explains:

  1. The number of ads does not equal the number of sales. The fact that a car is sold on the Internet does not mean that it has necessarily been bought or will be bought in the near future. Therefore, the majority of the supply on the market currently consists of VAZ cars, but this may indicate an increase in the desire to get rid of these cars, rather than the demand for them.
  2. A significant part of ultra-budget cars, such as VAZ cars, are sold without official registration at Service Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That is, actual sales may take place with the transfer of keys and documents, but they are not recorded in the official statistics of Service Centers, because formally the owner remains the person indicated in the registration certificate.


The main October trends identified by the experts of the Institute of Car Market Research and the team:

  1. The number of ads for the sale of budget cars worth up to $3,000 has increased.
  2. The average price of used cars on sale decreased by $300.
  3. There was no major fluctuation in the average price of popular passenger cars in October, 4 out of 10 popular models on the market slightly decreased in price.
  4. The average age of cars on sale is increasing for the third month in a row.
  5. VAZ cars took the first place in terms of the number of ads in October, but this may indicate not so much their popularity as a desire to get rid of these cars.

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