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TOP-20 cheapest cars in Ukraine: what are sold for up to $1000?

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Experts of the Institute of Auto Market Research processed the array of car sales announcement data for the third quarter of 2022, provided by the aggregator, and compiled a rating of 20 models with the lowest average price.

TOP-20 cheapest cars in Ukraine

The most affordable car in Ukraine turned out to be "Zaporozhets" — ZAZ 968, with an average price of $332. At the same time, the age of these models of the Ukrainian automobile industry is more than 35 years. Muscovites took second, third and fourth place: 2140 (average age 38.8 years, $398), 412 (37.6 years, $400) and 2125 (average age 35.8 years, $453), respectively.

Fifth place was taken by the most popular passenger car of the Soviet period, the "penny" VAZ 2101 (average age 42.3 years, average price $550). The same car with a wagon body — VAZ 2102, which took sixth place in the rating, turned out to be $50 more expensive on average. The average age of such a car was more than 41 years.

On the seventh position among the most affordable passenger cars at the average price on the Ukrainian car market is another "Moskvich" — cargo-passenger IZH 2715 ($620, 32.1 years old).

Eighth place was taken by the "classic" Lada model — VAZ 2103 (with an average price of $650). At the same time, the "three" turned out to be the oldest car in the list: 43 years old on average.

The once "luxury" "Moskvich" 2141 took ninth place ($636, 30.7 years), and the Renault 9 took tenth place. The cheapest "foreign car" in this list costs $700 on average, and the age of such cars is over 32 years.

Another car that was not made on the territory of the former USSR took 11th place: Fiat Uno ($712, 33.5 years). It competes with another "classic" VAZ model, which took 12th place   — "five" 2105 ($734, 33.4 years).

The next three so-called foreign cars are Fiat Regata ($750, 35 years), Volvo 340 ($750, 35.7 years) and Peugeot 309 ($782, 33.3 years), which took places from 13 to 15, respectively.

They are followed by VAZ 2106 ($800, 34.5 years), GAZ 24 Volga ($800, 38.7 years) and ZAZ Tavria ($800, 22.7 years) in the ranking on 16-18 places. The latter turned out to be the youngest car in the twenty cheapest in Ukraine.

The French Renault 11 with a price tag of $800 and an average age of 32 years took 19th place in the top 20, and the Opel Ascona, with a price tag of $850 and an age of 35.5 years, closes the ranking.

Top 20 cheapest cars on the Ukrainian car market, their average price and average age. Based on data
  1. ZAZ 968 — $332, average age — 35.3 years
  2. Moskvich 2140 — $398, 38.8 years old
  3. Moskvich 412 — $400, 37.6 years old
  4. IZH 2125 — $453, 35.8 years
  5. VAZ 2101 — $550, 42.3 years old
  6. VAZ 2102 — $600, 41.5 years old
  7. IZH 2715 — $620, 32.1 years old
  8. VAZ 2103 — $650, 43 years old
  9. Moskvich 2141 — $650, 30.8 years old
  10. Renault 9 — $700, 32.1 years old
  11. Fiat Uno — $712, 33.5 years old
  12. VAZ 2105 — $734, 33.4 years old
  13. Fiat Regata — $750, 35 years
  14. Volvo 340 — $750, 35.7 years old
  15. Peugeot 309 — $782, 33.3 years old
  16. VAZ 2106 — $800, 34.5 years old
  17. GAZ 24 Volga — $800, 38.7 years old
  18. ZAZ Tavria — $800, 22.7 years
  19. Renault 11 — $800, 32 years old
  20. Opel Ascona — $850, 35.5 years old


In the first half of the top 20 cheapest cars on the Ukrainian car market, there is only one so-called "foreign car", that is, a car manufactured outside the territory of the former Soviet Union. There are already more of them in the second ten: 6 out of 10.

The average age of 19 of the 20 cheapest models on the list is over 30 years. The conditionally Ukrainian "Zaporozhets" ZAZ-968 turned out to be the most affordable, and the youngest — "Tavria", with an average age of "only" 22.7 years.

The models included in this list can be called a "legacy" of the Soviet Union, as well as a long period of import bans (should be read as a deliberate deprivation of Ukrainiansʼ right to choose cars). To this should be added economic factors, namely, the relatively low purchasing power of the population and the lack of credit support, and in the end we get a fairly significant part of the car fleet, truly morally outdated, which should have been replaced long ago with more modern, safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly cars.

Earlier, the team of the Institute of Car Market Research determined that imported used cars from abroad are gradually replacing the outdated part of the car fleet of Ukrainians, but after the cancellation of the so-called "zero" customs clearance, this process stopped.

All this shows that the automotive market of Ukraine needs changes. The models described in this publication must either be decommissioned due to a respectable age (and complete exhaustion of the resource), or be found in museums or private collections as retro cars. But not in everyday use. In order for the situation to begin to change for the better, it is necessary to introduce complex reforms, convinced by the Institute of Car Market Research.

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