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Imports of used cars in 2021 increased by 45%: what models did Ukrainians bring?

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In 2021, Ukrainians bought 533.2 thousand cars with mileage from abroad. For the first time in the market of imports of used cars managed to cross the mark of half a million vehicles. Along with imports, domestic resales are also growing. The activity in the market of new cars is growing. Experts from the Automotive Market Research Institute have determined which models of imported vehicles with mileage were preferred by Ukrainians during the past year.

Dynamics of imports of used cars

Compared to 2020, imports of used cars increased by a record 45%. Such dynamics was significantly influenced by the grace period of legalization of the so-called «Europlates», which from May to November issued more than 86 thousand. That is, the «clear» indicator of imports is 447 thousand used cars. Which, however, is also a lot, because 22% more than the result of 2020.

Dynamics of imports of used cars from abroad during 2021

Experts from the Automotive Market Research Institute identify the main reasons for such an increase in imports of used cars:

  • Conditions have been created for the official import of used transport from abroad. The ability to legally import vehicles in compliance with the law contributes to the de-shadowing of the market and the development of an entire business segment — the import and sale of used cars. Until recently, this possibility was banned, which restrained sales and promoted various schemes, including the import of so-called «Europlates».
  • The shortage of cars that exists in Ukraine contributes to stable sales growth. According to experts from the Automotive Market Research Institute, in order for Ukraine to reach the European level of motorization of 600 cars per thousand people, the Ukrainian fleet needs to be doubled. While maintaining the growth rate of cars in Ukraine, it will take at least 20 years.
  • Increased demand for cars «affordable» segment. 60% of car sales in Ukraine are cars worth up to $10,000. Supplies in the domestic market are not enough to meet the needs of Ukrainians. Therefore, cars with mileage are brought from abroad.
  • The recovery of the Ukrainian economy contributes to the growth of car sales. First, Ukrainians have more money. Secondly, the determining factor when buying a car is confidence in the future.

Who imported used cars

In January 2021, the share of used cars imported by legal entities was 43.9%. During the period of «legalization» of the so-called «Europlates», it decreased slightly, and in December reached an annual maximum and reached a share of 47.2%. It is about import, not further registration with the company, because most vehicles imported in this way are later sold to end customers — individuals who receive Ukrainian license plates and become the «first owners» of these cars in Ukraine.

Shares of imports of used cars by individuals and legal entities during 2021

In general, in 2021, 41.4% of cars with mileage were brought by legal entities. In 2020, this share was lower — at 36.3%. This means that in Ukraine the business of importing used cars is developing and there is a transition from individual «fit» to import by companies.

The most popular models of imported cars with mileage

According to the results of 2021, it can be stated that established trends have formed in the Ukrainian car market. The list of the most popular models from month to month does not change dramatically. The rating was mostly influenced by the preferential registration of the so-called «Europlates» during the year.

The leader in the market of imports of used cars was the Volkswagen brand, with a share of 17.6% of the total. In second place — Renault (8.9%), and third place went to Ford (8.5%).

The share of brands in the used car market imported from abroad during 2021

As expected, the most popular car with mileage, brought in 2021, was the Volkswagen Passat. During the past year, 30.7 thousand were brought. This model ranks first among «freshly driven» cars for the third year in a row.

The second place was taken by the popular in Germany Volkswagen Golf (26.6 thousand), and the third — Skoda Octavia (24 thousand). Thus, the first three places went to the products of the VAG concern. In total, the products of this German automaker took 9 out of 30 positions.

It is worth noting that the rating clearly shows the growth of imports of models that were once popular among the owners of the so-called «Europlates». For example, Audi A4 and A6, as well as BMW 3 and 5 series.

Also in the ranking you can see the typical «American» or «Korean» car models that are brought from these countries. For example, Nissan Roque, Dodge Journey and Hyundai Sonata.

The most popular used cars imported from abroad in 2021
  1. Volkswagen Passat — 30,664
  2. Volkswagen Golf — 26 550
  3. Skoda Octavia — 23 975
  4. Renault Megane — 19,540
  5. Ford Focus — 16 402
  6. Renault Scenic — 12 841
  7. Opel Zafira — 12 331
  8. Opel Astra — 11 646
  9. Skoda Fabia — 9 848
  10. Hyundai Sonata — 8 921
  11. Audi A48 — 349
  12. Nissan Rogue — 8 270
  13. Audi A6 — 8 016
  14. Volkswagen Touran — 7 932
  15. Ford Fusion — 7 925
  16. Volkswagen Jetta — 7 826
  17. BMW 3 Series — 7 003
  18. BMW 5 Series — 5 580
  19. Volkswagen Tiguan — 5 306
  20. Ford Escape/Kuga — 5 176
  21. Nissan Qashqai — 5 106
  22. Mazda 6 — 4 752
  23. Hyundai Santa Fe — 4 619
  24. Renault Logan * — 4 616
  25. BMW X5 — 4 396
  26. Mitsubishi Outlander — 4 276
  27. Hyundai Tucson * — 4 182
  28. Mazda 3 — 4 144
  29. Dodge Journey — 4 137
  30. Renault Sandero * — 3 952

Because the import and sale of used cars is a significant segment of the business, which is actively developing to keep abreast of change and earn, it is more important to use analytics and forecasting. Automotive Market Research Institute can help with this. Write to us at [email protected] !

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