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Become partners of the Polish Car Market Research Institute!


As of today, the Institute of Car Market Research has become a partner of its Polish counterpart in Poland - IBRM SAMAR. The leaders of the organizations met at the companyʼs office in Warsaw and signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Instytut Badań Rynku Motoryzacyjnego SAMAR is an organization that has been operating in Poland for several decades; is engaged in analysis and forecasting of the Polish car market.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Institute of Car Research Stanislav Buchatsky, such a step will allow to form a civilized car market in Ukraine faster and better.

"Ukraine is now following a path similar to that of Poland several decades ago. In order to predict the future of the Ukrainian car market, we sometimes need to look to our neighbors. The exchange of data and experience integrates the Ukrainian car market into the European Union and makes our analysis clear in the west, " he said.

Wojciech Dziewiecki, head of the Polish research institute at the SAMAR car dealership , believes that the experience of their organization will help organize Ukrainian analytics and give us a chance to avoid the mistakes we struggled with in Poland.

"We start with the little things, streamline and improve the quality of data used in analytics, implement proper market segmentation according to our standards. The most important thing is that together with our Ukrainian partners we took the first step — we signed a memorandum of cooperation, in which we defined common values and set common goals, "said the head of the Polish Research Institute.

Arenʼt you with us yet? Join and become partners — we will create a car future together!

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