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Import and sale of used cars: how to grow, not survive (video)


The conference "Import and sale of used cars: how to grow, not survive" is the first event in Ukraine dedicated to the secondary car market. Organized by the Institute of Car Market Research and WEST AUTO HUB in Lutsk, October 29, 2021. More than 100 conference participants had the opportunity to hear about the dynamics and prospects of the automotive market, get applied information for their own business and share experiences.

The conference consisted of three parts, which included nine presentations from eight experts. Each of the parts complemented each other to provide guests with a maximum of both theoretical and practical information for the automotive business. The opportunity to ask questions added even more value to the speakers. For convenience, we have collected here recordings of all speeches and presentation materials.

1. Dynamics of the Ukrainian car market

Stanislav Buchatsky, head of the Institute of Car Market Research on how and why the Ukrainian car market has doubled in the last 7 years, and the import of used cars from abroad — 45 times. And also about what a unique opportunity for growth today is in the Ukrainian car business.

2. How the pandemic changed the car business

Victoria Shlyakhtych, CTO of WEST AUTO HUB on the experience of decision-making in a pandemic, how quarantine has changed the scope of imports of used cars from abroad and even accelerated the development of this market.

3. The future of the automotive market

Jan Kranat, Chief Operating Officer of CarVago on the Czech Republicʼs experience in building an online used car sales platform with door-to-door delivery and company development plans in Ukraine.

4. Is Ukraine ready to ban cars with internal combustion engines?

Oleksandr Onyschuk, Executive Director of the Research Institute of the Car Market, explains why today it is impossible to ban the import and sale of cars with internal combustion engines and to transfer everyone to electric cars.

5. How to remove the customs value from the shadows

Yulia Rykovska, executive director of the company   WEST AUTO HUB on the problems of determining the customs value when importing used cars from abroad, and solutions: automation and publicity.

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6. Trends in the online car market

Ostap Novitsky, an analyst at AUTO.RIA and co-founder of the Institute of Car Market Research on current trends in the online car market: brand building and trust.

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7. The value of BigData for the car business

Stanislav Buchatsky, head of the Research Institute of the car market on how to make business decisions based on automotive statistics and earn more using analytics.

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8. Automation of the automotive business

Albina Tyupa, project manager of the webex24 service about a unique CRM system for automation of the automotive business and practical tools for scaling your own business.

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9. The power of partnership in the car business

Alexey Rzhanov, director of the leasing company MyAuto on how to sell faster and earn more using a partnership in the automotive business.

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This is just the beginning

Everyone who runs their own business is interested in how to solve the problems of their car business, grow and earn more in conditions of uncertainty and fierce competition. We hope our speakers have helped find answers to these questions.

If the new approach to running a used car business is close to you, follow the Car Research Institute. This is just the beginning of the formation of a civilized car market in Ukraine of a new format!

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