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What truck tractors do Ukrainian carriers choose? June results

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Experts of the Auto Market Research Institute analyzed vehicle registration statistics in Ukraine during June and identified the top models in three segments of truck tractors: import of used vehicles, domestic resale and purchase of new ones.

Dynamics of the truck tractor market

In June 2024, Ukrainians purchased a total of 1.9 thousand new and used tractor units. This figure is a significant 41.9% less than in the same period of 2023, and also 30.9% less than sales in May 2024.

Dynamics of tractor unit sales in Ukraine, June 2023 — June 2024

The share of domestic sales was 64.8%, the import of used truck tractors was 27.4%.The total share of "trucks" with mileage was 92.2%.

7.8% of truck tractors were purchased new, which in quantitative terms equals 152 units of such equipment.

By individual sub-segments, the dynamics of the truck tractor market (compared month to the previous month, MM, and month to the same month last year, YY) looks as follows:

  • Domestic resales: -33.5% MM, -25.2% YY
  • Used import: -32.6% MM, -63.4% YY
  • New sales: +17.8% MM, -28.0% YY

During 2023, demand for truck tractors gradually decreased, and only in January 2024 there was some increase in activity in this segment. Until June, the lowest volume of tractor-trailer sales in 12 months was recorded last year in December (2.1 thousand units). There were several reasons for this: partial (close to full) satisfaction of the needs of carriers (primarily international) in such vehicles, which were in short supply a year ago, and they were actively bought, because after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the main transport for export-import of goods became automotive.

Blocking of borders with several countries by so-called "activist farmers" also left their mark on the business of international carriers. Until now, the pace of trading in this segment was at a relatively low (at the same time stable) level, and only May ended with a certain increase in the total volume. However, the largest increase was recorded in resales within the country, the results in other sub-segments are quantitatively (and in percentage terms) smaller. It is possible that the tractor-trailer market actually decreased, and that the increase in the number of sales transactions was due to a jump in re-registration of vehicles caused by the new mobilization laws.

June, on the other hand, set a record for the minimum volume of trades in the tractor segment: a significant "slump" everywhere, except for month-to-month comparisons with regard to new trucks. And now the main reason for such results (and it is possible that in the following periods they may be even worse) is the lack of drivers, first of all those who can cross the border, and even those who can be involved in domestic transportation. In some places, announcements even began to appear from carriers who are ready to hire women to work on "trucks" and provide them with training for the appropriate categories in the driverʼs license. It is obvious that the labor shortage in this transport sector will not be repaid in this way.

Despite everything, last month for the market still did not end with zeros, so letʼs consider what those carriers who still see a perspective in their activity bought.

The most popular tractors on the domestic market

DAF XF confidently remains the most popular tractor unit on the domestic market in Ukraine. Agreements on the purchase and sale of such models were concluded in 381 units.

The second place in terms of quantity is MAN TGX, 176 units, the third is Volvo FH, 159 units.

Fourth in the rating of "trucks" with a mileage of Renault Magnum (131 units), fifth — Renault Premum (100 units).

Top 20 tractor models on the domestic market in June 2024.
  1. DAF XF — 381 pcs.
  2. MAN TGX — 176 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 159 pcs.
  4. Renault Magnum — 131 pcs.
  5. Renault Premium — 100 pcs.
  6. MAN TGA — 55 pcs.
  7. Scania R-Series — 50 pcs.
  8. DAF CF — 44 pcs.
  9. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 25 pcs.
  10. MAN TGS — 20 pcs.
  11. Scania P-Series — 15 pcs.
  12. Scania G-Series — 14 pcs.
  13. Iveco Stralis — 13 pcs.
  14. Renault T-Truck — 9 pcs.
  15. Iveco Magirus — 8 pcs.
  16. MAN F2000 — 6 pcs.
  17. MAZ 5432 — 6 pcs.
  18. DAF 95 — 5 pcs.
  19. Volvo VN — 4 pcs.
  20. Volvo FM — 4 pcs.

The most popular used tractors imported from abroad

In June , MAN TGX, which added 157 vehicles to our fleet, won the first place among the "driven" tractors. In second place on the list is the DAF XF with a total of 148 first registrations.

The Volvo FH (69 units) will continue to occupy the third place, and the Scania R-Series (54 units) will take the fourth place. Closes the top five Mercedes-Benz Actros (26 units).

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Rating of used truck tractor models imported from abroad, June 2024.
  1. MAN TGX — 157 pcs.
  2. DAF XF — 148 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 69 pcs.
  4. Scania R-Series — 54 pcs.
  5. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 26 pcs.
  6. Renault T-Truck — 16 pcs.
  7. MAN TGS — 11 pcs.
  8. DAF CF — 10 pcs.
  9. Scania G-Series — 8 pcs.
  10. Renault Magnum — 6 pcs.
  11. Iveco Stralis — 6 pcs.
  12. Volvo FM — 5 pcs.
  13. Scania S-Series — 4 pcs.
  14. Renault Premium — 4 pcs.
  15. Scania P-Series — 3 pcs.
  16. MAN TGA — 3 pcs.
  17. Iveco EuroCargo — 2 pcs.
  18. DAF XG+ — 1 pc.

The most popular new tractors

Among the new models of semi-trailer trucks, Ukrainian hauliers most often bought Scania R-Series (59 pcs.).

The second place in this category is occupied by MAN TGX with a total of 37 cars. Third position (36 units) in Volvo FH.

The fourth in the ranking of new tractor units is DAF XF (8 pcs.), the fifth is Scania R-Series (4 pcs.).

New tractor units first registered in June 2024
  1. Scania R-Series — 59 pcs.
  2. MAN TGX — 37 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 36 pcs.
  4. DAF XF — 8 pcs.
  5. Scania S-Series — 4 pcs.
  6. Scania G-Series — 3 pcs.
  7. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 3 pcs.
  8. DAF XG — 1 pc.
  9. DAF CF — 1 pc.
  10. SKS MNTGS33.480-CT (based on MAN TGS) — 1 pc.

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