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New cars in September 2021: what models did Ukrainians buy?

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For the new car market, the second month of autumn seemed more successful than August. Sales increased by 11.6%, but this is only the third monthly result in 2021 in terms of sales. In contrast to the used car market, where an absolute sales record was set in September.

In general, in September 2021 in the primary market Ukrainians bought 9,851 units. new cars. Of the total number of new cars, the first registrations of imported cars amounted to 90% (8.8 thousand units), only 10% (1 thousand cars) — the first registrations of cars manufactured in Ukraine.

Dynamics of the new car market in Ukraine during January-September 2021

Compared to August 2021, the total volume of the primary market increased by 11.6%. Ukrainians bought 1,022 new cars more than last month. Compared to September 2020, the total volume of the primary market increased by 24.7%.

In September 2021, the majority (68%) of imported cars were purchased by individuals. Legal entities (firms) bought 32% of such cars, respectively. With cars made in Ukraine, the situation is the opposite: 58% bought companies, individuals — 42%.

Number of sales of new cars to legal entities and individuals in September 2021

The most popular models in the primary market

Compared to last month, in September 2021 in the ranking of the ten most popular new cars there was only one "replacement": Volkswagen Touareg took 10th place on the list, displacing Hyundai Tucson.

Toyota Camry climbed three steps — from ninth to sixth place. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado moved up two positions.

Renault Logan (minus 3 positions) and Mitsubishi Outlander (minus 2 positions) dropped into the top 10.

The first four of the list remained unchanged, the leader is KIA Sportage. 649 such cars were registered during the first month of autumn.

The most popular new cars sold in September 2021
  1. KIA Sportage — 679 pcs.
  2. Toyota RAV-4 — 526 pcs.
  3. Renault Sandero — 368 pcs.
  4. Renault Duster — 351 pcs.
  5. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado — 283 pcs.
  6. Toyota Camry — 267 pcs.
  7. Mitsubishi Outlander — 239 шт.
  8. Nissan Qashqai — 212 шт.
  9. Renault Logan — 212 pcs.
  10. Volkswagen Touareg — 207 pcs.

The most popular models made in Ukraine

The September rating of the most popular new cars manufactured in Ukraine has not changed much compared to August. The first, second and fourth places are occupied by specialized cars for police and ambulances, converted from imported chassis by Ukrainian companies.

The most popular "civilian" new car in September 2021 was the Skoda Kodiaq (105 registered cars). Skoda Karoq dropped five positions down. Cars of this brand in Ukraine are manufactured by PJSC "Eurocar" from imported European car kits.

The rest of the list is occupied by the products of Zaporizhia Automobile Plant. These are cars made from imported car kits originating in the Russian Federation. The Kia Rio X-Line went up one step, while the Kia Rio X-Line and Renault Arkana went down one point. Lada Granta was in 10th place (two positions below). Lada Niva left the top 10 Ukrainian cars in August.

The most popular new cars made in Ukraine were sold in September 2021
  1. Renault Duster (police car) — 125 amount
  2. Citroen Jumper (ambulance) — 113 amount
  3. Skoda Kodiaq — 105 pcs.
  4. Kia Sorento (police officer) — 100 amount
  5. Kia Rio X-Line — 93 pcs.
  6. Lada Vesta — 78 pcs.
  7. Skoda Karoq — 69 шт.
  8. Renault Arkana — 59 шт.
  9. Kia Rio — 56 pcs.
  10. Lada Granta — 49 pcs.

Excluding from the ranking cars for ambulances, police and other specialized vehicles, in September 2021 only 632 general-purpose cars manufactured in Ukraine were registered.

The structure of sales of new cars manufactured in Ukraine by purpose, in September 2021

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