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The number of car re-registrations in Diіa has doubled, new numbers are being ordered less. Results of April

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At the end of last year, a new service — re-registration of motor vehicles in Diіa — became operational in Ukraine. The seller and the buyer now do not have to contact the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to submit the original documents and get a new vehicle registration certificate and number plates there. Also included in the optional category is the service of an expert inspection of cars — you can use it when reselling a car at your own request, but not necessarily, as it was before.

Specialists of the Institute of Car Market Research, based on open data of the GSC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, studied the statistics of the use of the car sales service in Diіa, the order of new license plates during the first quarter of 2024, and are ready to share the results of this research.

With the help of Diіa, you can reissue a car, motorcycle or moped. Provided that this is the first (and only) sale of any of the mentioned TK in the year, because otherwise there is an obligation to pay tax on this transaction, which is not yet administered in Diіa, therefore, for the second and subsequent sales, you should contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During April, a total of 128,300 purchase and sale agreements were concluded for the specified types of vehicles. Including those framed in Diіa.

The remote service was used 29.3 thousand times, which is 22.9% of the total number of all purchase and sale agreements concluded in April 2024.

Share of re-registrations in Diіa, April 2024.

The overall popularity of this service in the first quarter decreased every month: in January, the share of sales processed using Diia was 12.5% (recall that only those categories that can be re-processed remotely are taken into account), in February it was already 11.8%, in March — 10 .6%. On the other hand, in April, the share of those willing to "rewrite" cars without visiting the Ministry of Internal Affairs increased to a record 22.9%.

Shares of re-registrations in Diia

At the same time, it is worth noting that there was an overall increase of about 40% in the number of resales, most likely caused by the new mobilization laws, which contain a provision for the possible seizure of vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces from those owners who own more than one car. This hypothesis is also confirmed by the record growth of official car donations. For comparison, for the whole of last year, 3.8 thousand such operations took place for all types of vehicles, and only in April — 5.2 thousand.

As for Diia, the April volumes testify to the successful testing in real conditions of the double throughput of the system, which did not fail, and also to the fact that until now there were many "old believers" among motorists who had the application and the necessary documents in it, but before the appearance due to the queues at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the lack of tickets for recording, they still leaned towards the "traditional" method of re-registration of the car, with the participation of the operator and paper documents with "wet seals". Otherwise, the share of remote "rewrites" would hardly have doubled.

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The buyer, who registers a car in Diia, has the option of leaving the license plates of the previous owner (except for those belonging to the paid category, with separate combinations of numbers — 1234, 7777, etc.), or to order new plates, for which a digital combination is also possible to select (selection service is paid additionally). In April, new number plates, which will be delivered to the specified branch of "Ukrpost", were ordered 2.5 thousand times ( 8.5% of users). Much less than in previous periods, when the share of new numbers was almost 14%. And that is another proof that vehicles mostly changed legal owners within a family or a family.

Share of orders for new license plates, April 2024.

Passenger cars were reissued most often in Diia (96.5%). Motorcycles received a share of 3.4%, the least number of remotely concluded purchase and sale agreements was for mopeds, only 0.1%.

The general picture in terms of age, brands and models of motor vehicles, the sale of which was registered in Diia, repeats the picture of the domestic market, respectively, on a slightly reduced scale.

Types of wehicles that were reissued in Action in April 2024

Since in April, the statistics of remote re-registrations (and the car market in general) were affected by atypical external factors, to obtain "clean" statistics, we will probably have to wait another month or several, when the wave of re-registration of "extra" cars disappears. At the same time, it is not excluded that soon we will start collecting and processing another mass of information — about customs clearance in Diia, the preparation for the implementation of which, according to information from our sources in the Parliament, is being conducted quite actively.

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