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What buses did you buy in April? Rating of new and used models

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Experts of the Auto Market Research Institute analyzed the statistics of vehicle registrations in Ukraine in April and identified the most popular models in three segments of buses: used import, domestic resale, and new purchase.

Bus market dynamics

In April 2024, Ukrainian carriers purchased 704 new and used buses. This is 0.6% less than in the same period last year, and also 5.4% less than in March 2024. The peak of trading in the bus segment fell in August last year, then the demand for this type of passenger transport decreased, after which there was a slight increase in trading in the segment in February of this year, which at the beginning of spring changed to a decrease in volumes, which continues to this day.

Bus market dynamics in Ukraine, April 2023 — April 2024

Most of the buses were bought on the domestic market : 608 units, which accounted for 86.4 of the total number.

5.3% of the total number of used buses were brought from abroad : 37 units.

Also last month, 59 new buses were registered for the first time: 44 of them were manufactured or converted in Ukraine ( 6.3% ), 15 pcs. (2.1%) came from abroad.

The most popular buses on the domestic market

Buses based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter remain the leader of domestic resales, 180 of which were bought. A significant part of these vehicles was converted into passenger buses from trucks at one time.

In second place is Bohdan/Ataman A-092with a result of 46 cars. On the third place — BAZ/CHAZ A079 "Etalon" (45 units), on the fourth position Volkswagen LT (36 units);

The fifth place, with 22 buses, was taken by Mercedes-Benz of the TN/T1 series.

In general, the majority of buses in the domestic market are of small and medium capacity.

The most popular models of used buses on the domestic market, April 2024
  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — 180 pcs.
  2. Bohdan/Ataman A-092 — 46 pcs.
  3. BAZ/CHAZ A079 "Etalon" — 45 pcs.
  4. Volkswagen LT — 36 pcs.
  5. Mercedes-Benz TN/T1 — 22 pcs.
  6. Ruta 25 — 21 pcs.
  7. Volkswagen Crafter — 17 pcs.
  8. Iveco Daily — 16 pcs.
  9. GAZ 3221 "Gazelle" — 12 pcs.
  10. Mercedes-Benz Vario — 11 pcs.
  11. Mercedes-Benz T2 — 11 pcs.
  12. Van Hool T9 — 9 pcs.
  13. Ford Transit — 9 pcs.
  14. Setra 300-Series — 8 pcs.
  15. PAZ 3205 — 8 pcs.
  16. BAZ 2215 — 8 pcs.
  17. Setra 400-Series — 7 pcs.
  18. Setra 200-Series — 7 pcs.
  19. Renault Tracer — 6 pcs.
  20. Neoplan Transliner — 6 pcs.

The average age of buses sold on the domestic market in April was 19.8 years.

The most popular used buses brought from abroad

Due to a large number of legislative restrictions, few buses are brought from abroad today. Such vehicles are subject to the limitation of the environmental standard no lower than "Euro-5" (from next year — "Euro-6"), and the amount of excise tax is 50 times higher for buses over 8 years old, which makes their import economically unprofitable.

In April, buses based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter took first place, 14 of them arrived. In second place is the Volkswagen Crafter, which is similar to it in terms of overall size, with a total of 3 "freshly driven" buses.

The third place for the "tourist" VanHool T9 (2 pcs.). The following models, up to the sixth row, filled the Ukrainian fleet in a similar number — VanHool Astromega, MAN Lions Coach and Ford Transit.

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The most popular models of used buses imported from abroad, April 2024
  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — 14 pcs.
  2. Volkswagen Crafter — 3 pcs.
  3. VanHool T9 — 2 pcs.
  4. VanHool Astromega — 2 pcs.
  5. MAN Lionʼs Coach — 2 pcs.
  6. Ford Transit — 2 pcs.
  7. Volvo B12 — 1 pc.
  8. VDL SBR-4000 — 1 pc.
  9. VanHool TX — 1 pc.
  10. Neoplan Cityliner — 1 pc.
  11. Mercedes-Benz Kutsenits City — 1 pc.
  12. Mercedes-Benz Citaro — 1 pc.
  13. MAN SE — 1 pc.
  14. MAN Lionʼs City — 1 pc.
  15. MAN A91 — 1 pc.
  16. Irisbus Magelys — 1 pc.
  17. Autosan Solina — 1 pc.
  18. Autosan Wetlina — 1 pc.

The average age of used buses brought from abroad was 12.2 years.

The most popular new buses

Most of the new buses that Ukrainians registered for the first time in April are products of Ukrainian enterprises. The first place went to the city 23-seater ZAZ A10 with a low floor, air suspension and an engine from the Chinese manufacturer Weichai and a mechanical gearbox with the same logo (or optional ZF), which, according to the bus manufacturer, allows it to work even on routes in Poland. 12 such cars were sold.

The second place was taken by the more familiar Bohdan/Ataman A-092 (11 units), the third place went to the A081 "Etalon" base station (10 units), and the fourth place was occupied by Ford Transit -based buses (8 units). Also, the suburban/tourist Otokar Navigo T of Turkish production can be included in the five leaders of this modest rating , 5 of which were bought, as many as another "townsman" ZAZ A08.

Rating of new bus models, April 2024
  1. ZAZ A10 — 12 pcs.
  2. Bohdan/Ataman A-092 — 11 pcs.
  3. BAZ A081 "Etalon" — 10 pcs.
  4. Ford Transit — 8 pcs.
  5. Otokar Navigo T — 5 pcs.
  6. ZAZ A08 — 5 pcs.
  7. Bohdan/Ataman A-093 — 4 pcs.
  8. Zhongtong Bus LCK 6106 — 1 pc.
  9. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — 1 pc.
  10. STM PA-05-06 (based on Renault Master) — 1 pc.
  11. Ruta 40C — 1 pc.

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