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Domestic market — import volumes increased, domestic resales slightly decreased. Results of March

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Experts of the Car Market Research Institute analyzed the statistics of registration operations in March 2024 and determined the state of affairs on the used car market in Ukraine.

During March, Ukrainians bought a total of 107.8 thousand used cars. This is 12% more than in the same period last year in 2023, and 0.8% more than in February 2024.

Dynamics of imports of used cars and domestic cars March-2023 — March-2024

Sales agreements on the domestic market predominate: 80.2% of passenger cars with mileage were purchased domestically. In quantitative terms, this is 86.4 thousand. The share of imported cars with mileage from abroad, despite the problems at the borders, which returned again in the form of "activist farmers", increased and amounted to 19.8% (21.4 thousand).

Internal resales

On the domestic market during March, Ukrainians concluded 86,400 agreements for the sale of used cars. This is 7.3% more than in March 2023, but 0.7% less than in February 2024.

The largest number of registration transactions on the domestic market were recorded in the Kyiv region (17.3 thousand) and the city of Kyiv (13 thousand).

Dnipropetrovsk region is in third place (7.9 thousand), Lviv region is fourth with a total of 7.8 thousand, Odesa region is in fifth place with the result of 6.6 thousand sales transactions.

Domestic car market by region, March 2024

​The smallest number of agreements was concluded in regions whose territories are partially temporarily occupied or where active hostilities are taking place: in Kherson (340 agreements) and Donetsk (920 agreements) regions. Chernihiv (2,040 deals) and Sumy (2,275 deals) oblasts are also among the regions with the lowest number of resales of used cars. As for the activity of the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region, this time there are zeros in the reports again.

March became the third full calendar month during which the service for remote re-registration of cars in the Diya application or the driverʼs electronic cabinet worked. 8,700 sellers of used cars took advantage of this opportunity. In general, since the start of this new service from the state, more than 32 thousand owners have re-registered their vehicles in it.

Import of used cars

In March 2024 , 21,400 used cars imported from abroad were registered for the first time. This figure is significantly higher, by 35.5%, than it was in March 2023, and also higher than it was a month earlier — by 7.3%.

The first registrations of imported cars with mileage by region, March 2024

​Like last month, used cars from abroad were most actively registered in Lviv region (2.6 thousand first registrations), Kyiv city (2.4 thousand) and Kyiv region (1.7 thousand).

Vinnytsia (1.5 thousand) and Dnipropetrovsk (1.3 thousand) regions were also among the five most active regions in March.

The fewest "freshly driven" cars were registered in the Kherson (30), Donetsk (61), Mykolaiv (263), Kirovohrad (294) and Chernihiv (316) regions.

It is worth noting that the number of imported cars refers to the number of first registrations carried out by service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Usually, a certain amount of time coincides between the delivery of the car, customs clearance, other formalities and the first state registration — from several days to several months.

We would like to remind you that male drivers, who are potentially subject to mobilization, are now being thoroughly checked for documents at the borders. This leads to an increase in the waiting time of carriers in queues, and in some cases to the refusal of individual drivers to pass through the border. In addition, the protest movements of the so-called "activist farmers" have resumed, and they are once again creating obstacles for the movement of transport across the Polish-Ukrainian border. These circumstances can potentially have a negative impact on the volume of motor vehicle imports, but so far, even taking into account these factors, the volume of "enforcement" has even increased somewhat.

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