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Colors of cars. What do Ukrainians buy?

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Experts from the Institute of Car Research analyzed which colors of cars were most popular in the domestic market and in the import of used cars, as well as during sales of new cars. We publish the rating in July 2021.


The most popular color in the domestic market was gray. Ukrainians bought almost 26,000 cars in July, which is 32% of the total. The rating includes all shades of gray, including the popular "silver metallic".

In second place — black cars. 17 thousand of them bought in July (21% of the total). Third place went to white with 12 thousand sales (15% of the total).

The least popular in July were cars in orange (384 cars), purple (439 cars) and yellow (844 cars).

The structure of domestic resale of passenger cars by color in July 2021


In July, the largest number of gray cars with mileage was also imported from abroad. There were almost 23 thousand of them (39% of the total).

In second place — black cars (14 thousand, 24%), in third place — blue (7.5 thousand, 13%).

Purple (91 pieces), yellow (208 pieces) and orange cars (247 pieces) were the least imported.

The structure of imports of used cars by color in July 2021


Most of the new cars sold in July 2021 were white — 36% (3.7 thousand units). In second place in popularity were gray cars (27%, 2.8 thousand units). On the third — black (14%, 1.4 thousand pieces).

Purple cars were bought the least — only 14 pieces. Yellow (55) and orange (62) cars were also unpopular.

The structure of sales of new cars by color in July 2021

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