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Used trucks in July: what did Ukrainian carriers buy?

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In general, in July 2021 on the secondary market Ukrainians bought 2,087 pieces. tractors. Of these, 56% (1,176 units) were domestic resales, 44% (911 units) were brought from abroad.

Dynamics of the secondary market of used tractors during January-July 2021

Compared to the previous month ( June 2021 ), the total market volume increased by 10.5%. The shares of imports and domestic resales have hardly changed.

Compared to July 2020, when the delayed demand for used car registration was met after a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the total market volume decreased by 20.6%. The share of imports in the market structure decreased by 6.6%.

The most popular models in the domestic market

Most tractors were purchased by individuals in July (71%, 832 units), legal entities — 29% (344 units).

The absolute leader of July in the domestic market is DAF XF (331 units). In second place — MAN TGX (115 pcs.), In third place — Renault Magnum (107 pcs.).

The most popular tractors in the domestic market in July 2021

The average age of "trucks" resold on the domestic market during July — 15 years.

The most popular models imported from abroad

In July, most (52.5%) used tractors were imported by legal entities. Individuals, respectively, imported from abroad 47.5% of "trucks" with mileage.

In July, MAN TGX (286 units), DAF XF (226 units) and Volvo FH (2 units) were most in demand among used tractors from abroad.

The most popular used tractors imported from abroad in July 2021

The average age of "trucks" with mileage imported during July — 8 years.

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