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What cars are repaired most often and for how much? Analysis of the Ukrainian service station market


It is no longer enough to grow a business and launch new directions, focusing on revenue and your intuition. High competition and growing customer demands for service set a high bar. In order to consistently turn a profit and increase the profitability of the company, you need to understand what to invest in. Analytics based on arrays of verified data can help. For the first time, experts from the Institute of Car Market Research presented public analytics of the service station sector. The source was data on more than 20,000 calls to service stations that use the RemOnline business automation system.

Where are the most appeals to service stations?

RemOnline users registered the largest number of requests in one month in the city of Kyiv : over 9,000. Motorists in the Kyiv region were also active: 1.7 thousand appeals. In total, records of visits to service stations in the capital and the region accounted for almost 46% of the total number in Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk region took third place (1.2 thousand appeals or 6.1%). Lviv region (1.2 thousand applications, 5.9%) and Chernivtsi region (1.1 thousand applications, 5.5%) also made it to the top five.

The number of visits to service stations recorded by RemOnline users in one month

RemOnline users recorded the fewest requests in the Kirovohrad, Rivne, and Ternopil regions.

When do they apply most often?

Most Ukrainian motorists visit service stations at the beginning of the month : on the 1st and 2nd. Activity was also greater at the beginning of the week : on Monday and Tuesday. The fewest requests are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The number of service center visits recorded by RemOnline users, depending on the day of the month

What age is the car being repaired?

Owners of 2019 cars used RemOnline most frequently at service stations: 1.2 thousand times, or in 9.3% of cases. In second place are cars manufactured in 2020 (1,100, 8.4% ), and in third place — 2021 (1,000, 7.3% ). At the same time, the number of cars produced in 2022 and 2023 is small. This can be explained by the fact that owners of one- and two-year-old cars service them at official dealers, since they are still under warranty. The latter, in turn, use their own accounting systems, do not use RemOnline and, accordingly, were not included in the sample. Instead, owners of 2019-2021 cars may prefer modern and progressive service stations that use the RemOnline system, as they do not want to experiment with "garage" car services, experts of the Institute of Car Market Research say. This opinion can also be confirmed by the fact that the number of appeals sharply decreases in the categories of older cars of 2003, i.e. over 20 years old.

The structure of requests to service stations, recorded by RemOnline users, by the year of manufacture of the car

Cars of 2007-2008 years of production also stand out from the rest (5.9% and 6.7%, respectively). This is a consequence of the largest number of such machines in general among the active part of the park.

Which cars are repaired more often?

Renault owners made the most visits in one month — over 3,100. BMW and Volkswagen were also actively repaired — 2.7 thousand and 1.9 thousand, respectively.

Top 15 of the most popular brands that applied during the month to service stations that use RemOnline

In general, the top 15 most popular brands that contacted service stations using RemOnline during the month look like this:

  1. Renault — 3,119 pcs.
  2. BMW — 2,682 units.
  3. Volkswagen — 1,891 units.
  4. Peugeot — 1,006 pcs.
  5. Hyundai — 987 pcs.
  6. Skoda — 965 pcs.
  7. Mercedes-Benz — 958 pcs.
  8. Ford — 934 pcs.
  9. Audi — 908 pcs.
  10. Toyota — 599 pcs.
  11. Nissan — 565 pcs.
  12. Opel — 531 pcs.
  13. KIA — 469 pcs.
  14. Honda — 442 pcs.
  15. Mitsubishi — 406 pcs.

Which car owners spend more money?

According to statistics based on data provided by RemOnline, Porsche owners spend the most on car repairs. The average check during a visit to a service station for such cars amounted to almost 16 thousand hryvnias. Korean SsangYong unexpectedly came in second place (average repair cost of UAH 11.3 thousand), and instead of third, German BMW with an average check of UAH 9.9 thousand.

Commercial Iveco (9.8 thousand hryvnias) and MAN (9.3 thousand hryvnias) also made it into the top five car brands whose owners spend the most per visit to a service station.

Rating of car brands according to the average check during a visit to a service station using RemOnline

Owners of Russian-Soviet VAZ/Lada (1.8 thousand UAH), Chinese Chery (2.1 thousand UAH) and Ukrainian-Korean Daewoo (2.3 thousand UAH) had the lowest average expenses.

  1. Porsche — UAH 15,910.
  2. SsangYong — UAH 11,338.
  3. BMW — UAH 9,885.
  4. Iveco — UAH 9,832.
  5. MAN — UAH 9,328.
  6. Infiniti — UAH 8,946.
  7. Mercedes-Benz — UAH 8,101.
  8. Land Rover — UAH 8,081.
  9. Acura — UAH 7,259.
  10. Audi — UAH 7,254.
  11. Suzuki — UAH 7,191.
  12. Mitsubishi — UAH 7,055.
  13. Jeep — UAH 6,904.
  14. DAF — UAH 6,745.
  15. Mini — UAH 6,504.
  16. Citroen — UAH 6,416.
  17. Chrysler — UAH 5,728.
  18. Volvo — UAH 5,713.
  19. Toyota — UAH 5,444.
  20. Lexus — UAH 5,357.
  21. Volkswagen — UAH 5,343.
  22. Tesla — UAH 5,117.
  23. Ford — UAH 4,888.
  24. Chevrolet — UAH 4,874.
  25. Honda — UAH 4,864.
  26. Subaru — UAH 4,851.
  27. Nissan — UAH 4,774.
  28. Seat — UAH 4,459.
  29. Fiat — UAH 4,226.
  30. Opel — UAH 4,096.
  31. KIA — UAH 4,045.
  32. Hyundai — UAH 3,985.
  33. Dodge — UAH 3,905.
  34. Geely — UAH 3,561.
  35. Skoda — UAH 3,495.
  36. Mazda — UAH 3,358.
  37. ZAZ — UAH 2,621.
  38. Renault — UAH 2,499.
  39. Dacia — UAH 2,430.
  40. Peugeot — UAH 2,369.
  41. Daewoo — UAH 2,300.
  42. Chery — UAH 2,145.
  43. VAZ/Lada — UAH 1,806.

What about car models?

The most popular model at the service station among RemOnline users was the Renault Logan : 1,922 of them were counted in a month, and the average age was 4.4 years. Peugeot 301 (714 units), with an average age of 2.8 years, was in second place, and Volkswagen Passat (337 units, average age 14.6 years), one of the most popular models on the domestic market of Ukraine, took third place.

The 15 most popular car models during visits to service stations using RemOnline during the month

Of the 15 most popular models, owners of the BMW X5 (11.7 years old on average) spent the most — almost 13,000 hryvnias, while Renault Logan spent the least: 1,317 hryvnias.

  1. Renault Logan, 1922 units, 4.4 years, UAH 1317;
  2. Peugeot 301, 714 units, 2.8 years, UAH 1,829;
  3. Volkswagen Passat, 337 units, 14.6 years, UAH 5,442;
  4. Hyundai Accent, 323 units, 5.0 years, UAH 2,624;
  5. Skoda Octavia, 251 units, 14.5 years, UAH 4,611;
  6. Volkswagen Golf, 228 units, 15.5 years, UAH 5,267;
  7. BMW 5 Series, 202 units, 14.2 years, UAH 9,944;
  8. Skoda Fabia, 189 units, 12.8 years, UAH 2131;
  9. BMW X5, 185 units, 11.7 years, UAH 12,971;
  10. Skoda Scala, 175 units, 3.4 years, UAH 1878;
  11. BMW 3 Series, 173 units, 14.6 years, UAH 7,293;
  12. Ford Focus, 158 units, 12.0 years, UAH 4,070;
  13. Renault Master, 148 units, 9.1 years, UAH 4,826;
  14. Audi A6, 147 units, 14.1 years, UAH 6,670;
  15. Renault Megane, 146 units, 13.6 years, 4178 UAH.

Regional features

It is also interesting to consider the regional aspect. So, for example, in the Volyn region, three BMW models appeared in the top 5 of the most popular car brands that visited service stations: X5, 5 Series and 3 Series. In the Kyiv region, Volkswagen Passat, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf became the leaders.

The most popular car models during visits to service stations using RemOnline in the Volyn and Kyiv regions during the month

At the same time, the average check for the repair of the most popular models in Volyn and Kyiv region is significantly different. The average age of the machines was also excellent. This may be related to regional specificity.

Thus, the Volyn region plays the role of a so-called automobile hub during the import of used cars from abroad. Such "freshly driven" cars undergo pre-sales service in this region, but do not use official services that use their own CRM systems. That is why such, although not new, premium brands are included in the statistics of the RemOnline system, experts of the Institute of Car Market Research explain.

On the other hand, in the Kyiv region, where, according to car market statistics, cars on the market are somewhat newer and more expensive, more "popular" cars were included in the statistics. This may be due to the fact that owners of newer cars in the capital region prefer warranty service at official services, so they did not get into the RemOnline system.

How to use analytical data in the automotive business?

The main advantage of analytics is the ability to make decisions based on verified data, rather than being guided by your own feelings and stereotypes. For example, data on service station visits can provide an understanding of the market: which cars are repaired and where, what problems are most often addressed, how much is spent on repairs, and most importantly, understand the relationships between these things and your business.

Such information will help to choose the right availability of spare parts, train the staff with the necessary skills, as well as build the right marketing strategies and even choose new locations for development.

Hear more in the webinar "Analysis of the car service market and its future", organized by RemOnline together with the Institute of Car Market Research.

Webinar "Ways forward: Analysis of the car service market and its future"

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