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Gasoline cars will continue to dominate the market. Results of February

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research determined how the shares of cars from the point of view of fuel among domestic resales, imports of used cars and sales of new cars changed in February, as well as the dynamics of installation of gas cylinder equipment.

General dynamics of passenger car sales by fuel type

During February 2023, Ukrainians most often chose gasoline vehicles. 39.6% (36,000) of the total number of new and used vehicles — cars, trucks of all categories and buses — were purchased. If we add to them cars with installed HBO ( 17.8%, 16.2 thousand) and cars with hybrid engines ( 1.9%, 1.7 thousand), then gasoline cars will make up the absolute majority: 59.3% from the total number of sales.

The share of diesel cars was 37.8% (34.3 thousand). There were 0.4% of the total number (379 units) of machines equipped with an engine for working exclusively on gas fuel.

The share of electric cars was 2.5% (2.3 thousand) of the total number.

Dynamics of vehicle sales by fuel type (total imports and resales of new and used vehicles), February 2022 — February 2023

If compared with the previous month (January-2023), the share of diesel cars decreased slightly (from 38.8% to 37.8%); the share of gasoline ones increased from 39.1% to 39.6%. The share of hybrid cars increased minimally — from 1.8% to 1.9%. The share of cars with HBO also almost did not change (growth from 17.7% to 17.8%). The share of " gas " cars remained unchanged at 0.4%.

Internal resales

Gasoline cars dominated the domestic market in February — 39.6% (28.1 thousand) of such deals were concluded; there were 21.8% of vehicles with a gas installation (15.4 thousand transactions). Diesel cars were in the minority: 36.1% (25.6 thousand deals).

The share of other, more environmentally friendly engine types in the domestic market is still insignificant. Among all cars on the domestic market in February, only 1% were electric (693 units), 1.1% were hybrids (775 units) and 0.5% were exclusively gas-powered (322 units).

Shares of passenger cars by fuel type in domestic resales, February 2022 — February 2023

In February, if we compare the indicators with the previous month, the share of diesel cars became slightly smaller (36.1% instead of 37.2%), gasoline cars — more (39.6% instead of 38.8%). The number of agreements for the purchase and sale of cars with HBO increased somewhat (from 21.5% to 21.8%). The shares of gas- powered vehicles (from 0.4% to 0.5%) and electric vehicles (from 0.9% to 1%) increased minimally, while the share of hybrid vehicles remained unchanged.

Import of used cars

In January, used vehicles with a diesel engine were most imported from abroad ( 46.2%, 7.3 thousand). The share of gasoline cars was 38.9% (6.1 thousand). However, if we add the share of cars with HBO ( 4.4%, 686 units) and hybrid vehicles to this indicator( 2.4%, 372 pcs.), which are also actually gasoline, their total share will be 45.7% — that is, almost the same as for diesel.

0.4% (57 units) of used gas vehicles were brought from abroad.

Last month, electric cars were brought in 7.8% of cases (1.2 thousand). This is the highest showing in the last 12 months.

Shares of vehicles by fuel type in used car imports, February 2022 — February 2023

Compared to January 2023, the share of diesel cars almost did not change in February (minimally decreased from 46.4% to 46.2%). The share of gasoline cars also slightly decreased from 39.5% to 38.9%. The share of electric cars increased from 7.1% to 7.8%, hybrids — from 2.2% to 2.4%, and gas cars — from 0.2% to 0.4%.

New cars

New vehicles with gasoline engines became the most popular in February. Among all new cars registered for the first time, there were 42.7% of such cars (1.8 thousand units). 13.3% of cars (562 units) were registered with hybrid engines, and 0.7% (28 units) with a factory gas installation. Together, their share was 56.7%.

Shares of vehicles by fuel type in new car sales, February 2022 — February 2023

The share of diesel passenger cars in new car sales is recorded at 34.2% (1.4 thousand). The share of electric cars was 9.1% (385 units), which turned out to be a record figure.

Compared to January 2022, the number of gasoline cars increased minimally from 42% to 42.7%, diesel cars decreased from 37.5% to 34.2%. Instead, the shares of hybrid cars (from 12.4% to 13.3%) and electric cars increased (from 7.5% to 9.1%). The shares of vehicles with HBO also increased minimally (from 0.6% to 0.7%).

Dynamics of installation of HBO

During February, Ukrainians converted 2,100 cars to work on gas cylinder equipment. This is 19.2% less than in February 2022 and almost the same as in January 2023.

Dynamics of installations of gas cylinder equipment on vehicles, February 2022 — February 2023

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