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Imports of used cars fell to a record low. Results of January

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of registration operations in January 2023 and determined what is happening with the sales of used cars. It turned out that the share of domestic resales has been recorded at the maximum level since November 2018, and fewer used cars from abroad were registered only in the stressful March 2022 and the "covid" April 2020.

In November, Ukrainians purchased 84,800 used cars. This is −30.7% less than in the same period of last year 2022 and −9.7% less than in December 2022.

Dynamics of used car imports and domestic resales, January 2022 — January 2023

At the same time, the share of domestic resales continues to grow: 83.7% of the total number of used car sales. This is the highest indicator since November 2018, that is, before the change of laws that made it possible to officially import used cars from abroad

The share of imported cars with mileage from abroad amounted to only 16.3% of the total number of purchased used cars. For comparison, in January 2022, this indicator was recorded at the level of 29%. A reduction in the number of imports has been observed since July, that is, since the cancellation of the so-called "zero" customs clearance.

Internal resales

In January, Ukrainians concluded 64,900 sales and purchase agreements for used cars on the domestic market. This indicator turned out to be −18.2% lower than in January 2022, and −6.5% lower than in December.

Agreements concluded for the sale of used cars on the domestic car market by region, January 2023

The largest number of registration transactions on the domestic market was recorded in the city of Kyiv : 7.6 thousand. Together with the Kyiv region, which took third place in the rating with 5.7 thousand registrations, they make up 20.6% of the total number of used cars sold in January.

Dnipropetrovsk (6.2 thousand), Odesa (4.6 thousand) and Lviv (4.5 thousand) oblasts also entered the top 5 most active regions in terms of domestic resale of used cars. This picture completely repeats the trends of previous months.

The smallest number of agreements was concluded in regions whose territories are temporarily occupied or where active hostilities are taking place: Luhansk (342 agreements), Kherson (443 agreements) and Donetsk (764 agreements) regions. Traditionally, the Volyn region entered the top 5 regions with the smallest number of used car sales (only 1.3 thousand transactions). Chernihiv region closes the top 5 least active regions (1.4 thousand deals).

Import of used cars

In January 2023, 12,600 used cars were brought from abroad. If we do not take into account the stressful March of 2022, when, as a result of the war, Ukrainians for the first time registered only 8,600 "freshly driven" cars, and the "cold" April of 2020, when the Service Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs temporarily did not work at all, fewer cars were brought in only in the same November of 2018 year

This indicator is -61.1% less than in January 2022 and -21.9% less than in December 2022.

The first registrations of imported cars with mileage by region, January 2023

Traditionally, used cars from abroad were most actively registered in Lviv region (1.5 thousand units), Kyiv (1.1 thousand units), Rivne region (907 units), Kyiv region (755 units), and Volyn region (755 pcs.).

Donetsk (40), Luhansk (70), Kherson (114), Zaporizhia (169) and Mykolaiv (188) regions registered the fewest "freshly driven" cars.

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