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Car prices fell, but there was no collapse. Results 2022

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During the past year of 2022, many events took place on the Ukrainian automobile market. All of them affected prices in one way or another. The team of the Institute of Car Market Research regularly analyzes the statistical data of the aggregator , which collects announcements for the sale of ALL cars from 100 car websites in Ukraine. This time, experts determined how average prices for popular models changed during the year, and what happened to them in the regions.

73% of cars on the market cost less than $10,000

According to the results of 2022, the absolute majority of used cars sold on the Internet during this period cost less than $10,000 — there were as many as 73.4% of such cars. Most offers were in the price range of $4-5 thousand ( 9.5% ) and $1-2 thousand ( 9% ).

The number of ads after the price tag of $20,000 significantly decreases, in general, used cars for sale in the price range from $20,000 to $50,000 accounted for only 7.2%. Cars worth more than $50,000 are slightly more: 1.2%.

The price structure of used passenger cars on the Ukrainian market in 2022. According to

This situation in the automobile market is primarily a consequence of the low purchasing power of Ukrainians. Due to low incomes, against the background of the lack of available financing programs — lending or leasing — Ukrainians have to buy used cars, in most cases — for cash. At the same time, Ukrainians preferred cars of this value even before the start of a full-scale war.

The collapse of prices did not happen

The average price of a used passenger car on sale in 2022 was $5,700. Since the beginning of the year, this indicator has decreased: back in January, the average cost of a car was $6,000, and in December — $5,200. This indicator turned out to be a record low over the past 12 months. Since historically the prices of cars in Ukraine are set in US dollars, now for the same money in the hryvnia equivalent, due to the change in the exchange rate, today you can buy a worse car. However, against the background of all the events that took place during the past year, it can be stated that there was no price "collapse" on the Ukrainian car market.

Dynamics of changes in the average price of cars sold on the Internet, January-December 2022. According to

As for specific models, if you compare the beginning of the year and the end (January and December), all 10 of the most popular models, which Ukrainians most often sold on the Internet during the last 12 months, fell in price.

The average price of Daewoo Lanos and its modifications decreased the most ( -16.6%, from $2,500 to $2,000). Thus, the once most popular car in Ukraine loses its position year after year both in terms of sales and price. As a result of the active replenishment of the car fleet with used cars from abroad, Ukrainians got an alternative and a choice. The ability to buy a higher-quality car for the same money regulates pricing and forces sellers to gradually lower prices for these models.

The popular Volkswagen Passat has fallen in price by -16%, from $7,800 to $6,550. This may be the result of a large number of imported models during the so-called "zero" customs clearance in April-June, when many such cars were brought from abroad at a lower price.

VAZ 2109/21099 became cheaper by 14.3%. This can be both a natural decrease in the price of these machines due to aging, and a decrease in demand for Soviet-Russian machines due to the war. In order to sell a car, you have to lower the price.

Dynamics of changes in average prices for the most popular passenger car models on online sales sites, January-December 2022. According to

How much did the average cost of the most popular passenger car models on sales sites change in December 2022, compared to January:

  • Volkswagen Passat — $6,550 (-16%)
  • Skoda Octavia — $6,750 (-10%)
  • Volkswagen Golf — $4,800 (-9.4%)
  • VAZ 2109/21099 — $1,500 (-14.3%)
  • Daewoo Lanos — $2,500 (-16.6%)
  • Renault Megane — $6,400 (-8.6%)
  • BMW 5 Series — $6,000 (-9.1%)
  • Opel Astra — $4,900 (-$12.5%)
  • Ford Focus — $6,200 (-6.8%)
  • BMW 3 Series — $5,500 (-12.7%)

It is worth noting that the biggest fluctuations during 2022 occurred in April-June, when the so-called "zero" customs clearance was in effect. Starting from September 2022, the average prices for popular models stabilized and there were no significant fluctuations.

Prices have changed the most in regions affected by the war

The highest average cost of cars sold on the Internet in 2022 was found in Kyiv and the region — there this indicator was recorded at the level of $7,500. Lviv region took second place: $6,350. Zakarpattia Oblast was in third place ( $6,200 ).

The lowest average cost of cars sold last year was in Donetsk ($3,950), Mykolaiv ($4,000) and Chernihiv oblasts ($4,300).

The average price of cars sold on the Internet during 2022, in the regions of Ukraine. According to
  1. Kyiv + Kyiv — $7,500
  2. Lviv — $6,350
  3. Zakarpattia — $6,200
  4. Volynska — $6,100
  5. Odesa — $6,000
  6. Rivne — $6,000
  7. Ivano-Frankivsk — $5,800
  8. Ternopilska — $5,600
  9. Chernivtsi — $5,550
  10. Dnipropetrovsk — $5,500
  11. Luhansk — $5,400
  12. Vinnytsia — $5,350
  13. Khmelnytska — $5,250
  14. Zhytomyrska — $5,199
  15. Poltava — $5,100
  16. Kharkiv — $5,000
  17. Cherkasy — $4,900
  18. Sumy — $4,700
  19. Kirovohradsk — $4,650
  20. Zaporizhzhia — $4,550
  21. Khersonska — $4,400
  22. Chernihivska — $4,300
  23. Mykolayivska — $4,000
  24. Donetsk — $3,950

If we compare the average prices for passenger cars in the regions at the beginning of the year and at the end (in January and December), it decreased the most in the regions affected by the war or where active hostilities are still taking place: Kherson (-42.6%), Mykolaiv (-40.7%) and Donetsk (-34%) regions.

Prices changed the least in the Volyn (-7%), Zakarpattia (-7.1%) and Lviv (-7.7%) regions.

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