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The share of diesel cars continues to decrease in all segments. October results

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of vehicle registrations in October and determined which type of fuel was most often chosen by Ukrainians: among domestic resales, imports of used cars and sales of new cars.

General dynamics of sales of used cars by fuel type

The general trend, which persists for the fourth month in a row, is a decrease in the share of diesel cars in the sales structure. According to the results of September, Ukrainians bought 26,400 cars with a diesel engine, which is 30% of the total number. Back in June, when the so-called zero customs clearance was in effect, the share of such cars was recorded at the level of 53%.

On the contrary, the share of gasoline cars is growing — in October, 40,500 ( 46.1% ) of them were bought. Together with cars equipped with equipment for working on liquefied gas (16.5 thousand, 18.8% ) and passenger cars with hybrid engines (1.6 thousand, 1.8% ), they make up the absolute majority — 66.7 %.

Dynamics of sales of used cars by fuel type (total domestic resales, import of new and used cars), October 2021 — October 2022

The share of electric cars was 2.7% (2.4 thousand) of the total number. There were also fewer cars with LPI gas engines, which were popular in used car imports from South Korea — 508 units. for October ( 0.6% ).

Internal resales

Gasoline cars dominated the domestic market in October — 44.3% (30.8 thousand) of such deals were concluded; with a gas installation — in 22.5% of cases (15.6 thousand). Thus, in September, diesel cars were in the minority: 30.3% (21.1 thousand transactions).

Shares of passenger cars by fuel type in domestic resales, October 2021 — October 2022

The share of other, more environmentally friendly engine types in the domestic market is still insignificant. So, among all cars, only 1.2% were electric (839 deals), 1.1%hybrid (758 deals) and 0.5% — exclusively gas (365 deals).

In general, a fairly stable situation has developed in the domestic market: the share of fuel in the sales structure is changing, but only slightly. Among the trends, it is worth noting a gradual decrease in the share of diesel cars, or rather, a return to the indicators that existed on the market before the introduction of the so-called zero customs clearance.

Import of used cars

In October, used cars with a gasoline engine were the most imported from abroad (7.9 thousand, 51.6% ). Cars with gas cylinder equipment were imported by another 5.7% (879 units), and with hybrid engines — 2.8% (436 units).

The share of diesel cars, after the peak in May of this year, is decreasing for the fourth month in a row. In October, it was fixed at the level of 30.5% (4.7 thousand). It is economically unprofitable to import used cars after the cancellation of the so-called zero customs clearance, especially with diesel engines: the excise tax on them is higher.

Shares of passenger cars by fuel type in used car imports, October 2021 — October 2022

Only 143 gas cars with the LPI system were brought, which is 0.9% of the total number.

On the other hand, the share of used electric cars from abroad shows good dynamics — 1.3 thousand registered cars in October, and the share in the import structure is a record: 8.4%. The tendency to increase the number of electric cars in the import of used cars has been traced since May, when the fuel crisis began in Ukraine. An additional incentive for buying used electric cars abroad today is the absence of import taxes.

New cars

As in other categories of the car market, new passenger cars with gasoline engines became the most popular in September. Among all new cars registered for the first time in October, there were 56.7% of such cars (1.8 thousand units). There were 12.5% of cars (397 units) with hybrid engines, and 1% (33 units) with a factory gas installation. Together, their share is 70.2%.

Shares of passenger cars by fuel type in new car sales, October 2021 — October 2022

The share of diesel passenger cars in the import of new cars is fixed at 20.9% (664 units), and has been decreasing for the third month in a row.

The share of electric cars in October amounted to 8.9% — this is the second highest indicator in the history of the Ukrainian car market after the May record against the background of the fuel crisis (then electric cars were bought in 10.8% of cases).

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