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A quarter of hybrid cars are bought in car dealerships: top 10 new and used models

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Cars with hybrid engines can be considered the optimal solution for saving money on fuel. They have a fairly moderate and uniform consumption of gasoline or diesel fuel, at the same time, unlike electric cars, they do not have a hard limit on the range and "tethering" to the charging point. Some models, so-called plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), can cover a certain distance only on electricity obtained from external sources. Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics registrations of vehicles in Ukraine and identified the TOP hybrid models in three segments: import of used cars, domestic resale and purchase of new cars.

Dynamics of the hybrid car market

From the beginning of the year to June inclusive, Ukrainians purchased 9,000 hybrid cars. This is -19.7% less than in the same period last year. In general, hybrid cars make up 1.6% of the total number of concluded sales agreements in the first half of 2022.

It is interesting that the shares of resales on the domestic market and imports of hybrids with mileage were almost evenly distributed: 36.8% (3.3 thousand units) and 37.5% (3.4 thousand), respectively. The remaining 25.7% (2.3 thousand units) were purchased new by Ukrainians. It is noticeable that the share of new cars in the sales of hybrids is much higher than in the market of electric cars, where only 9.2% of the total number are bought new. This can be explained both by the greater practicality of hybrid engines and by the greater offer from dealers of such cars.

Dynamics of sales of hybrid cars in Ukraine during June 2021 — June 2022

At the same time, sales of new hybrid cars decreased by -49.6% compared to the first half of 2021, while imports and domestic resales of used cars remained practically at the same level ( +1.1% and +1% growth, respectively). The general decline in the new car market is caused, first of all, by the full-scale attack of Russia, as well as the negative trends in the economy provoked by it.

However, like the Ukrainian car market in general, sales of hybrids are gradually recovering. So, in June 2022, it was even possible to slightly exceed the indicators of last June 2021: 2.2 thousand purchase and sale agreements against 2.1 thousand.

The most popular hybrids on the domestic market

The leader in sales of hybrid cars with mileage was Toyota, which took 36% of the market segment (1.2 thousand deals). Ford cars came in second place by a significant margin ( 11.8%, 0.4 thousand transactions), and Lexus took third place ( 8.9%, 0.3 thousand transactions).

Hybrid Chevrolet ( 7.3%, 0.2 thousand deals) and Honda ( 6.9%, 0.2 thousand deals) also made it to the top five popular brands among domestic resales.

Shares of used hybrid brands in the domestic market, January-June 2022

Among the models, Ukrainians most often chose used hybrid Toyota RAV-4 (351 units). Another model of this brand — Toyota Prius (336 units) took second place by a small margin. The third step was taken by the Chevrolet Volt (238 units).

Ford Fusion (237 units) and Toyota Camry (221 units) close the top 5.

The most popular models of used hybrids on the domestic market, January-June 2022
  1. Toyota RAV-4 — 351 pcs.
  2. Toyota Prius — 336 pcs.
  3. Chevrolet Volt — 238 pcs.
  4. Ford Fusion — 237 pcs.
  5. Toyota Camry — 221 pcs.
  6. Ford C-Max — 139 pcs.
  7. Hyundai Sonata — 114 pcs.
  8. Audi Q8 — 91 pcs.
  9. Honda Civic — 85 pcs.
  10. KIA Optima* — 84 pcs.

The most popular used hybrids brought from abroad

From abroad in the first half of 2022, Ukrainians most often brought hybrid Toyotas ( 31.8%, 1.1 thousand units). Ford ( 16.7%, 0.6 thousand units) and Lexus ( 11.4%, 0.4 thousand units) were also popular in the "servitude". The fourth place with a share of 7.6% was taken by Honda (0.3 thousand units), and the fifth place by Audi ( 4.5%, 0.2 thousand units).

Shares of used hybrid brands in imports, January-June 2022

Toyota Prius (444 units) became the bestseller of imported hybrids from abroad. This model has been well known to Ukrainians since 2014, primarily as a police patrol car.

The second place was taken by the hybrid Ford Fusion (326 units). If it were not for the temporary blocking of seaports, the complication and increase in the price of delivering cars from American countries, more such cars would have been brought against the background of the fuel crisis, according to the experts of the Auto Market Research Institute.

The third step was taken by another FordC-Max (213 units). The fourth and fifth places were taken by the "Japanese": Lexus RX (175 units) and Toyota RAV-4 (167 units).

The most popular models of used hybrids imported from abroad, January-June 2022
  1. Toyota Prius — 444 pcs.
  2. Ford Fusion — 326 pcs.
  3. Ford C-Max — 213 pcs.
  4. Lexus RX — 175 pcs.
  5. Toyota RAV-4 — 167 pcs.
  6. Toyota Camry — 145 pcs.
  7. Chevrolet Volt — 123 pcs.
  8. Hyundai Sonata — 112 pcs.
  9. Honda Civic — 88 pcs.
  10. KIA Optima* — 84 pcs.

The most popular new hybrids

Toyota became the absolute leader in sales of new hybrid cars. Cars of this brand were chosen in 52.4% of cases (1.2 thousand units). The share of the Audi brand, which took second place, is almost five times smaller: 11.9% (276 units).

Mercedes-Benz was in third place ( 10%, 0.2 thousand units), and Volvo took fourth place ( 7.6%, 0.2 thousand units). Land Rover closes the rating — hybrids of this brand were bought in 6.2% of cases (0.1 thousand units).

Brand shares of new hybrids, January-June 2022

Toyota RAV-4 (509 units) was the first in the rating of new hybrid passenger cars, as well as among domestic resales. Cars of this brand also took second and third place: Toyota Highlander (257 units) and Toyota Yaris Cross (199 units). It is interesting that, in general, five of the ten most popular hybrids in new car sales are cars of this Japanese brand.

The fourth step of the rating was taken by the Audi Q8 (126 units), and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Classe (106 units) took the fifth place.

The most popular models of new hybrids, January-June 2022
  1. Toyota RAV-4 — 509 pcs.
  2. Toyota Highlander — 257 pcs.
  3. Toyota Yaris Cross — 199 pcs.
  4. Audi Q8 — 126 pcs.
  5. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Classe — 106 pcs.
  6. Honda CR-V — 97 pcs.
  7. Toyota C-HR — 95 pcs.
  8. Toyota Camry — 93 pcs.
  9. Audi Q7 — 80 pcs.
  10. Volvo XC90 — 76 pcs.

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