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In July, the least used cars were imported into Poland since 2004. Why did this happen?


During July, 62,766 used cars from abroad were registered in Poland. This indicator was not only the lowest in 2022, but also since the countryʼs accession to the European Union. The team of the Institute of Car Market Research learned from Polish colleagues the possible reasons for such an anti-record.

Imports are decreasing, and the average age of cars is increasing

In total, during the first seven months of 2022, Poles brought 466,017 cars with mileage from abroad, which is 16.3% less than in the previous year 2021. The biggest drop was the import of cars from Germany, which remains the most popular country for Poles to buy used cars. Since the beginning of the year, 242,800 used cars have been brought to Poland from this country, which is 52.1% of the total number.

In general, the list of the most popular countries for buying used cars by Poles looks like this:

  1. Germany — 242,747 positions (-25.5%)
  2. France — 60,782 units (+ 4.1%)
  3. Belgium — 31,505 units. (-14.6%)
  4. The Netherlands — 24,834 units. (+ 2.2%)
  5. USA — 21,159 pcs. (+ 6.8%)

Experts also note the emergence of a new trend — the import of used cars from Norway, where the electric Nissan Leaf is most often brought. Since the beginning of the year, only 143 such models have been imported, but the dynamics are positive.

Another noticeable trend is the increase in the average age of imported cars. According to the results of July, it is a record 12.7 years. At the same time, gasoline cars turned out to be older — their average age was 13.7 years. Instead, the youngest are used electric cars from abroad, their average age is recorded at 5.8 years.

Why has the import of used cars decreased in Poland?

Imports are completely dependent on the availability of cars on the markets of other countries, says Wojciech Dzewiecki, the head of the Polish Institute for Car Market Research SAMAR. "The shortage of new cars also leads to a shortage of used cars, which eventually leads to higher prices. Since the purchasing power of Poles does not change, importers increasingly bring cheaper and older cars. As a result, in addition to rising prices, we are also seeing an increase in the average age of imported cars ".

The expert also adds that due to high inflation, Poles can afford less for the same money. In the case of used cars, this means a decline in both imports and overall sales. Some of the current car owners decide to continue their operation, and those who do not own a car either buy older vehicles, as evidenced by the increase in middle age, or postpone the purchase altogether.

We will remind that in July the import of used cars to Ukraine decreased by 10 times, but the main reason was the cancellation of "zero" customs clearance.

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