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Where, what and for how much do cars sell online? Analytics of Ukrainian marketplaces


Buying or selling a car online has become commonplace today. Thousands of car sales ads appear on various websites every day. The Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the most popular marketplaces and determined which cars and for how much are offered for sale on each of them.

The basis for the analysis was the statistics of the resource, which collects ads for the sale of ALL cars from 100 car sites in Ukraine. Data for analysis — 300 thousand unique ads for May 2022. Experts selected and compared the three most popular marketplaces — AUTO.RIA, OLX and RST.

What is the age of cars sold online

Most Ukrainians offer for sale on the Internet cars of 2006-2008. These are almost 16% of the total number of ads. At AUTO.RIA, the share of cars produced before 2000 is much smaller than on the other two resources. On the other hand, OLX and RST have fewer cars released after 2010.

Age structure of vehicle sales announcements on the most popular Ukrainian marketplaces, May 2022

The average age of used vehicles sold by Ukrainians on the Internet is 16 years. At AUTO.RIA it is slightly smaller and fixed at 14 years, at OLX this figure is 19 years. The oldest cars are sold on RST: the average age of processed ads was 20 years.

How much do you sell cars on the Internet

In fact, the entire market for the sale of cars on the Internet — itʼs cars worth up to $ 10 thousand. There are more than 71% of them. The share of premium cars, ie worth more than $ 50 thousand, is only 1.4%. The average median price of a used vehicle in Ukraine is $ 6,200.

Price structure of advertisements for the sale of vehicles on the most popular Ukrainian marketplaces, May 2022

AUTO.RIA is dominated by cars worth from $ 3 to $ 8 thousand (39.8%). After the last mark, the number of ads decreases sharply. At the same time, the largest share of vehicles worth more than $ 50,000 is on this resource — 2.1% of the total number of ads. The average median price of a car on the resource is about $ 8 thousand.

On the other hand, OLX has the most cars worth up to $ 3,000: 39.7% of the total number of ads on the site. The share of cars worth more than $ 15,000 is insignificant: only 5.6%. The average median price of the resource is fixed at $ 4 thousand.

The cheapest cars are sold on RST: the share of cars worth up to $ 3 thousand is the largest here — 46%. There are also a few cars priced over $ 15 here — 3.1% of the total number of ads. The average median price of the resource is $ 3.5 thousand.

What mileage is indicated in the ads

On average, Ukrainians indicate a mileage of 190-200 thousand kilometers when publishing ads. The average is 198 thousand. However, regardless of the marketplace, it is not fundamentally different: 196 on AUTO.RIA, 200 on OLX and 188 and RST.

Structure of advertisements for the sale of vehicles by the specified mileage on the most popular Ukrainian marketplaces, May 2022

This situation seems strange, because these resources have different average ages and average prices of vehicles, and confirmsthe problem of mass twists of odometer indicators in Ukraine. This assumption is also confirmed by the "peaks" of ads at 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 thousand kilometers. Of course, this is partly due to the habit of rounding off the indicators, but for such a pronounced increase in the number of ads on these numbers — is abnormal and is an indicator of a problem in the market.

In which regions are cars most often offered for sale

Most used cars are still offered for sale in Kyiv region: 17.4%. In second place was Lviv region (10.2%), and in third place — Dnipropetrovsk (7.8%).

The share of ads by region on AUTO.RIA, OLX and RST, May 2022

If you compare marketplaces, in AUTO.RIA and OLX Kyiv region is in the lead, and in RST — Dnipropetrovsk region. In general, AUTO.RIA has a larger share of western regions of Ukraine than other resources. OLX has more cars sold in the central regions, while RST has the most offers from the eastern regions.

Which cars are sold on AUTO.RIA, OLX and RST

At AUTO.RIA in the top three — Volkswagen Passat, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf. On OLX, Daewoo Lanos was in the top three, and on RST, this model topped the rankings. However, in general, the ten most popular models that Ukrainians offer for sale at the mentioned marketplaces are the same on all three platforms. Although the models are placed in different positions with different shares of the total number of ads, but the general trends are the same.

TOP-10 cars offered by Ukrainians for sale on AUTO.RIA, OLX and RST, May 2022

If you analyze the characteristics of cars in more detail, it is noticeable that on AUTO.RIA cars are usually newer and slightly more expensive than on the other two resources. For example, the sales leader of the Ukrainian car market Volkswagen Passat, on AUTO.RIA has an average year of 2008 and a price of $ 9.2 thousand; on OLX — 2004 and $ 6.9 thousand; and for RST — 2002 and the average price of $ 5.2 thousand. A similar situation is observed with almost all other car models.


Each of the analyzed marketplaces managed to occupy its niche in the market. The ads that Ukrainians place on them differ both in price and age of the car, and in the regions of sale. This situation may be the result of different philosophies of the mentioned marketplaces, as well as the pricing policy when submitting ads, say experts from the Institute of Car Market Research.

Yes, the greater number of "younger" and more expensive cars on AUTO.RIA can be explained by the large number of inspections that are carried out by sellers and cars. Each car is tested on a large number of databases, which is useful for potential buyers. Such inspections are important for newer and more expensive vehicles, as they risk buying more money.

Instead, it makes sense to test cars manufactured before 2000, which cost several thousand dollars, much less than the ability to test such vehicles. This is probably why sellers of such machines offer them for sale on resources with fewer opportunities to promote ads: OLX and RST. Buyers, accordingly, without the need for additional checks, look for such cars there.

The regional aspect was also interesting: as it turned out, AUTO.RIA has more ads from the western regions, OLX — from the central ones, and the largest number of sales offers in the eastern regions of Ukraine is on RST. This can be a consequence of market positioning and marketing: people use the resources they are most familiar with and to which they are accustomed.

Common to all marketplaces is the tendency to massive twists of mileage in cars. Today only AUTO.RIA aims to combat this phenomenon, offering buyers various types of free and additional car inspections.

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