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"Zero" customs clearance works. Proven in practice


The first car was imported into Ukraine, which was issued without payment of customs payments. This possibility is provided by Law 2142-IX for the period of martial law. The first car was designed by our partners, the WEST AUTO HUB company. The team of the Institute of Car Market Research closely followed the process in real time and tells how everything looked in practice.

The law was promulgated and came into effect on April 5, but only in theory. In practice, the customs office was waiting for clarifications regarding the procedure for customs clearance according to the new rules. The first "subzero" car crossed the border on April 9 through the Yahodyn checkpoint in the Volyn region.

It was a 2012 diesel Mercedes-Benz C180 CDI. It was brought by the director of the WEST AUTO HUB company Yuliya Rykovska by order of the client . As of this moment, the car has passed customs clearance and will receive Ukrainian license plates in the near future. And finally, we can talk about the effect of the new law not only on the basis of theory, but also on personal practice.

Yes, really zero

  • You do not need to pay customs fees. Neither now nor later is the truth. Zeros are indicated in the "excise duty", "duty" and "VAT" columns. And no, contrary to the widespread fake, this is not a postponement, but a complete cancellation for the duration of martial law. No receipts-obligations for the later payment of taxes are given at the border, because the law does not provide for this.
  • Full exemption of payments only for natural persons only. There are no restrictions on the number of imported cars per person. There are also no sales restrictions.

The package of documents is the same as before

  • The package of documents for crossing the border is standard, as it was before the introduction of new rules. In most cases, this is a sales contract, car registration documents, confirmation of car deregistration, export declaration and preliminary customs declaration.
  • It is mandatory to deregister the car abroad. Customs clearance is not carried out without it.
  • Any broker in the territory of the European Union will help prepare an export declaration abroad. There are many such points on the way to the Ukrainian border.

Customs clearance at the border does not work yet

  • Crossing the border is not the final customs clearance. The announced procedure for simplified customs clearance directly at the checkpoint has not yet been announced   does not work. Therefore, for now, it is necessary to follow the " classical " method — first, preparation of the preliminary customs declaration, entry into Ukraine and arrival at the customs terminal at the internal customs, for final customs clearance. The only difference is that it is not necessary to make a deposit in the amount of customs clearance.

It is better to use the services of a customs broker

  • Canceling customs payments is not canceling the customs clearance procedure. It is necessary to comply with all customs formalities, despite the fact that customs payments are zero.
  • It is possible to submit a declaration independently, but only in theory. Practically, submission of electronic declaration by citizens through the "One Window" online has not yet been technically implemented by customs. In addition, customs brokers will massively reduce the prices of their services.

Certification is mandatory

  • The car must meet the environmental standard no lower than " Euro-2 ", if it is a passenger car. For customs clearance, a certificate from a certification laboratory is required, if the standard is not indicated in the registration documents for the car.
  • Obtaining a certificate of compliance is mandatory for registration.

You still need to pay something

  • As we wrote earlier, when registering at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you need to pay a fee to the pension fund — 3-5% of the customs value of the car. And also the cost of the registration certificate and license plates.

Read more about the history of the first car in Ukraine cleared at 0% tomorrow on the AUTO.RIA portal.


The law on "zero" customs clearance works, now — not only in theory, but also in practice. The team of the Auto Market Research Institute considers the authoritiesʼ decision to temporarily cancel payments to be timely and effective. Duty-free importation of vehicles will help those citizens who need it to buy a car. In particular, those who lost a car as a result of the war, need it to transport humanitarian or volunteer aid, or want to start or restore a business.

In general, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, almost a million cars have left the Ukrainian car market, and the number of sales advertisements has halved. Imports from abroad have practically stopped. The new rules will allow the automobile business to resume work, which will begin to work, pay taxes and contribute to the economic activity of our country. This is quite necessary now.

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