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Domestic market in April: resales increased by 44%. Are they really buying more cars?

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Experts of the Car Market Research Institute analyzed the statistics of registration operations in April 2024 and determined the state of affairs on the used car market in Ukraine.

During April, a total of 143,800 first registrations and sales agreements concluded within the country for used passenger cars were recorded. This is a substantial 53.3% more than in the same period of last year 2023, and 33% more than in March 2024.

Dynamics of imports of used cars and domestic cars April-2023 — April-2024

Predominant (if we talk exclusively about official statistics, we will consider the reasons for such a "jump" later) sales agreements on the domestic market: 86.6% of passenger cars with mileage were purchased (this time "purchased" can be safely written in quotation marks) within the country. In quantitative terms, this is 124.5 thousand. The share of imported cars with mileage from abroad decreased somewhat and amounted to 13.4% (19.3 thousand).

Internal resales

On the domestic market during April, service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs registered 124,500 agreements for the sale of used cars. This is 58.6% more than in April 2023, and 44.1% more than in March 2024. And in general, this is an absolute quantitative record for the domestic market, at least for the past 10 years.

At the same time, it is worth explaining the reasons for such an extraordinary phenomenon: according to the experts of the Institute of Car Market Research, the number of actual sales in April remained at the level of previous months, that is , about 80...85 thousand transactions, the parties of which were real sellers and buyers, without family or friendly ties of the The other part, about 40%, which gave this statistical jump, are agreements between family members, which are hastily concluded by Ukrainians who officially own more than one vehicle. In this way, trying to get ahead of certain norms of the new laws on mobilization, which allow to potentially seize cars for defense needs from individuals, if there is more than one of them.

At the same time, the number of officially donated cars increased significantly — if in 2023, an average of 260 cars were donated every month, which amounted to 3,167 cars in total for the year, then in April 4,533 cars were donated (as well as 21 buses, 503 trucks, 20 motorcycles, 23 semi-trailers and 60 trailers). It is obvious that there are no objective reasons for such a rapid increase in the generosity of Ukrainians, except for one (and this is not about generosity) — donations are used as an alternative to resale.

The increase in queues in front of service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in some places the lack of free dates for registering visitors encouraged Ukrainians to more actively use the service of remote re-registration of transport in   Diya application or the driverʼs electronic cabinet. We will remind that in three months of the first quarter, a decrease in the intensity of use of this service was recorded. In January, 10,400 cars were "re-registered" in Diya, in February — 10,000, in March — 8,700. April, of course, set an absolute record for the trust of Ukrainian motorists in modern digital technologies — 28,300 re-registrations!

In total, since the launch of re-registration in Diya last December, 59,000 cars were re-registered with its help. At the same time, the share of April-2024 was almost half — 48%!

So, having dealt with the reasons for the increase in the volume of re-registration of motor vehicles and the surge of "fashion" for donating them, and assuming that the share of transactions caused by future changes in legislation is about 40%, we will consider other available data of the secondary market.

The largest number of registration transactions on the domestic market were recorded in the Kyiv region (38.2 thousand) and the city of Kyiv (14.3 thousand). By the way, the biggest increase in "preemption agreements" took place in Kyiv.

Dnipropetrovsk region is in third place (8.8 thousand), Lviv region is fourth with a total of 8.5 thousand, Odesa region is fifth with the result of 7.8 thousand purchase and sale transactions.

Domestic car market by region, April 2024

​The smallest number of agreements was concluded in regions whose territories are partially temporarily occupied or where active hostilities are taking place: in Kherson (484 agreements) and Donetsk (1183 agreements) regions. Chernihiv (2,135 deals), Mykolaiv (2,471 deals) and Zaporizhzhya (2,483 deals) regions are also among the regions with the lowest number of resales of used cars. As for the activity of the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region, this time there are zeros in the reports again.

Import of used cars

In April 2024 , 19,300 used cars imported from abroad were submitted for the first registration - and here, unlike the previous section, there were no significant jumps or subsidence — no more than natural fluctuations of volumes within the usual limits. In particular, this indicator is higher, by 28.5%, than it was in April 2023, but lower than it was a month earlier — by 9.6%. Which serves as another confirmation that the volume of cars actually bought did not increase, and may even have decreased somewhat, in sync with the import segment.

The first registrations of imported cars with mileage by region, April 2024

​Like last month, used cars from abroad were most actively registered in Lviv region (2.4 thousand first registrations), Kyiv city (2.3 thousand) and Kyiv region (1.5 thousand).

Vinnytsia (1.3 thousand) and Rivne (1.2 thousand) regions were also among the five most active regions.

The fewest "freshly driven" cars were registered in Kherson (46 units), Donetsk (561 units), Mykolaiv (205 units), Kirovohrad (269 units) and Chernihiv (291 units) regions.

It is worth noting that the number of imported cars refers to the number of first registrations carried out by service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Usually, there is a certain amount of time between the delivery of the car, customs clearance, completion of other formalities and the first state registration — from several days to several months.

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