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Collectors of retro cars appealed to the President


The community of collectors, restorers and connoisseurs of retro retro technology, representatives of many organizations and museums, appealed to the Ukrainian authorities. They demand the adoption of a law on historic vehicles.

The statement was made from the stage of the largest technical festival Old Car Land.

"We are investing our time and money in the restoration and preservation of the equipment we are showing here today. We live by this and want to share our passion with all Ukrainians.

However, imperfect Ukrainian legislation does not allow to develop this culture. In Ukraine, there is no concept of "historic vehicle". As a result, it is very difficult to import these cars from abroad, and it is impossible to register in Ukraine at all.

In most civilized countries of the world for historic vehicles there are special rules of import, registration and operation. We ask you to introduce the same practice in Ukraine. "

Institute of car market research together with the official representative of FIVA, The Ukrainian Automobile Club, have developed proposals for a bill on historic vehicles, and are ready to submit their findings for discussion in the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada.

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