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Imports of gas cars quadrupled. What models are brought?

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Over the last year, imports of used cars with gas engines have quadrupled. This is not about gasoline cars equipped with HBO, but LPI technology . Most of the machines, which are designed to travel on liquid gas from the plant, are imported from South Korea. We tell you which models were the most popular in July 2021.

In July 2020, 236 "gas" cars with mileage were imported to Ukraine. In July 2021, 1,101 such cars arrived in Ukraine. In total, since the beginning of 2021, the domestic fleet has been replenished with 5,085 cars with LPI engines. The share of such cars is about 2% of the total number of used cars imported from abroad.

Dynamics of imports of used cars equipped with a gas engine during July 2020 — July 2021


In July 2021, most used gas-powered cars imported from abroad were manufactured under the Hyundai and KIA brands. The absolute leader was Hyundai Sonata — such cars were brought as many as 768 units (70% of the total). In second place was KIA Optima. 249 such cars (22%) were brought from abroad. All other brands together occupy only 8%.

Used cars with a gas engine, brought from abroad in July 2021

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