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Prices for used cars in the EU decreased slightly in November

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AUTO1 Group price index — dynamics since 2015

Compared to last year, wholesale prices for used cars in the EU market fell by 6.5%, and the index changed from 156.7 in November 2022 to 146.6 in November 2023. Year-to-date prices have remained fairly stable, with a slight decrease of 1.8% from January to November. Last monthʼs index data showed the lowest price level (146.6) recorded this year.

AUTO1 Group price index — monthly values since 2015

The AUTO1 price index shows the monthly price change for used cars in Europe. It is determined on the basis of an analysis of more than 3.6 million sales of cars with mileage across Europe. The starting point for this index is January 2015, with a base value of 100 against which all subsequent values are determined.

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