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Electric cars and LPG are a response to high fuel prices. October results

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research determined how the shares of cars by fuel type in the segments of domestic resale, import of used cars and sales of new cars changed in October, as well as the dynamics of installation of gas cylinder equipment. The trend of increasing demand for electric vehicles, as well as for the installation of HBO, continues. At the same time, the share of diesel cars is slightly decreasing.

General dynamics of passenger car sales by fuel type

During October 2023, Ukrainians most often chose gasoline vehicles. 42.9% (47.1 thousand) of the total number of new and used vehicles — cars, trucks of all categories and buses — were purchased. If we add to them cars with installed LPG (17.6%, 21.2 thousand) and cars with hybrid engines ( 2.1%, 2.6 thousand), then gasoline cars will make up the absolute majority: 58.8% from the total number of sales.

The share of diesel cars was 37% (44.6 thousand). There were 0.3% of the total number (412 units) of machines equipped with an engine for working exclusively on gas fuel.

The share of electric cars was 3.8% (4.6 thousand) of the total number.

Dynamics of vehicle sales by fuel type (total imports and resales of new and used), October 2022 — October 2023

If compared with the previous month (May-2023), the share of diesel cars increased slightly (from 36.4% to 37%). The share of electric cars increased from 3.3% to 3.8%. This indicator turned out to be twice as high as in June 2022, and in general the maximum on the Ukrainian car market.

Instead, the share of all other engine types decreased: gasoline engines — from 39.9% to 39.1%; hybrid ones — from 2.2% to 2.1%; cars with HBO (from 17.9% to 17.6%); " gas " — from 0.4% to 0.3%.

Internal resales

Gasoline cars dominated the domestic market in October — 40.1% (36,000) of such deals were concluded; vehicles with HBO were 22.1% (19.9 thousand transactions). Diesel cars in the group of vehicles with internal combustion engines were in the minority: 34.3% (30.8 thousand transactions).

Among all cars on the domestic market, 1.9% were electric (1.7 thousand), 1.2%hybrid (1.1 thousand), and 0.3% — exclusively gas-powered (314 units).

Shares of passenger cars by fuel type in domestic resales, October 2022 — October 2023

If we compare the current indicators with the previous month, the share of diesel cars decreased by 1.2%, the market share of gasoline and hybrid cars, as well as "gas" cars, which only have a factory-installed liquefied gas mixture engine power system, did not change. The share of electric cars increased by 0.1%, (1.5%), instead, cars with HBO were bought less, which reduced their share by 0.6%.

Import of used

Used vehicles with a diesel engine were most often imported from abroad in October ( 38.8%, 9.5 thousand). The share of gasoline cars is close, but somewhat smaller — 38.4% (9.4 thousand). As usual, few imported cars with gas cylinder equipment - 1.1 thousand 4.4%, with hybrid power plants (725 units, 3% ) and "gas" ones (98 units, 0.4%).

Electric cars continue to increase their share, as well as their quantitative presence in the import segment: 15%, 3.6 thousand units.

Shares of vehicles by fuel type in used car imports, October 2022 — October 2023

Compared to September 2023, in June the share of diesel cars decreased from 38.9% to 38.8%. The share of gasoline cars also decreased — from 39% to 38.4%. The share of cars with HBO increased slightly, from 4.3 to 4.5%. and cars with hybrid power plants, from 2.8% to 3%, the share of "gas" cars did not change, remaining at the level of 0.4%. Electric cars once again occupied more — from 14.7% to 15%.

New ones

New vehicles with gasoline engines were the most popular in October. Among all new cars registered for the first time, there were 38.8% of such cars (2.6 thousand units).

Diesel vehicles were bought by 32.5% (2.2 thousand), hybrid vehicles by 15.7% (1.1 thousand), with factory HBO0.6% (44 units).

The share of electric cars was a fairly significant 12.4% (843 units).

Shares of vehicles by fuel type in new car sales, October 2022 — October 2023

Compared to September 2023, the number of gasoline cars increased by 0.1%, the share of diesel cars decreased by 2.3%, hybrid cars increased by 1.1%. The share of vehicles with factory (or installed at a "warranty" service station) HBO has not changed and is 0.6%.

The share of electric vehicles increased by 1.1%.

Dynamics of installation of HBO

In October, Ukrainians continued to quite actively install HBO and officially re-register such cars. A total of 6.5 thousand were recorded. of such conversions, which is only 1.5% less than in September, but significantly 80.6% more than in October last year.

Dynamics of installations of gas cylinder equipment on vehicles, October 2022 — October 2023

The average retail prices for automobile fuel at Ukrainian gas stations continue to rise slowly, and are now about UAH 32 per liter of propane-butane mixture, UAH 55 for the same volume of A-95 gasoline, and diesel fuel is sold at approximately the same price. Prices for premium grades of gasoline start at UAH 58/l. Accordingly, this state of affairs with prices encourages Ukrainian motorists to look for ways to save fuel costs, and this is most evident in the "rescue" of bulky or old cars with gasoline engines by installing HBO, and the segment of electric cars is developing most actively under these circumstances.

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