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1000 more than last month. What electric cars did you buy in August?

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August was another month when the market recorded the largest number of sales of electric cars in all segments — domestic resales, import of used cars, and new registrations. At the same time, for the first time, the increase compared to the previous month amounted to 1,000 transactions. Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of registrations of such cars during July and identified the top 20 models in three segments: import of used cars, domestic resale and purchase of new cars with an electric engine.

Dynamics of the electric car market

In August, Ukrainians purchased more than 5,600 new and used electric cars. This is 115.4% more than in August last year; and by 21.7% more than in July 2023. Traditionally, it turned out to be another monthly record for sales of electric cars in Ukraine. However, for the first time, the number of sales of electric cars increased by as much as 1,000 transactions in one month.

Among the total number of electric cars in June, 98.9% were passenger cars, 1.1% (59 units) were trucks.

Dynamics of sales of electric cars in Ukraine, August 2022 — August 2023

More than half of electric cars ( 56.3%, 3,149 units) were brought used from abroad. Such an indicator turned out to be the largest in the import of used electric cars to Ukraine in one month.

31.3% of the total number of sold cars with an electric motor (1,754 units) were purchased on the domestic market.

12.4% of cars (693 units) were bought new.

In total, during the first 8 months of 2023, Ukrainians brought 15,800 used electric vehicles and 4,100 new ones from abroad. It can be stated that the interest of Ukrainians in electric cars is growing in all segments. Ukrainians choose used electric cars, first of all, because of their lower cost, but some of them are actually new or almost new cars from China, 1-2 years old, which are registered as used during import.

As of the end of August 2023, according to the calculations of the Institute of Car Market Research, the total fleet of automobiles with an electric engine is 67,450 units registered in Ukraine (excluding those deregistered due to scrapping and export abroad): 65,375 passenger cars, 2,070 trucks and 5 buses.

In addition to the "zero" rate of customs clearance, the purchase of electric cars is increasing due to an increase in supply, according to the Institute of Car Market Research: on the one hand, the model ranges of car manufacturers are constantly expanding, on the other hand, the number of used electric cars on the market is increasing. The dynamics are also affected by the increase in the price of fuel in Ukraine.

TOP of the most popular electric cars on the domestic market

As before, the lead in the domestic market of electric cars is occupied by the Nissan Leaf. In August, 449 purchase and sale agreements were concluded for these, which is three times more than the number two in the rating. The average age of this model in August was 8.4 years, that is, we are talking about relatively inexpensive electric cars, which are chosen because of the optimal ratio of price and quality.

In second place on the list is Teslaʼs most budget model, Model 3, with 154 deals. The average age of this car is less: 3.5 years.

Third place, like last month, was taken by Volkswagen E-Golf (139 units) with an average age of 6.5 years.

Tesla Model S rose to fourth place (96 units), Renault Zoe remained in fifth place (95 units).

The most popular models of electric cars on the domestic market, August 2023
  1. Nissan Leaf — 449 pcs.
  2. Tesla Model 3 — 154 pcs.
  3. Volkswagen E-Golf — 139 pcs.
  4. Tesla Model S — 96 pcs.
  5. Renault Zoe — 95 pcs.
  6. Volkswagen ID.4 — 88 pcs.
  7. Tesla Model Y — 65 pcs.
  8. Honda M-NV — 51 pcs.
  9. BMW i3 — 42 pcs.
  10. Audi E-Tron — 35 pcs.
  11. Mercedes-Benz B-Class — 32 pcs.
  12. Fiat 500e — 29 pcs.
  13. Chevrolet Bolt — 29 pcs.
  14. Hyundai Ioniq — 27 pcs.
  15. Tesla Model X — 25 pcs.
  16. Smart — 24 pcs.
  17. Renault Kangoo ZE — 23 pcs.
  18. Mitsubishi I-Miev — 19 pcs.
  19. Volkswagen ID.6 — 18 pcs.
  20. Toyota bZ4X — 18 pcs.

TOP imported used electric cars

As in the domestic market, Nissal Leaf (503 units) retained the lead in the segment of "freshly driven" electric cars in August.

Volkswagen E-Golf remains in second place (421 units), and Tesla Model 3 (361 units) is in third place. Fourth place went to Tesla Model Y (219 units), and fifth place to Renault Zoe (183 units).

In general, the top five most popular used electric cars from abroad in August 2023 remained unchanged compared to last month: the preferences of Ukrainians turned out to be stable.

The most popular models of used imported electric cars, August 2023
  1. Nissan Leaf — 503 pcs.
  2. Volkswagen E-Golf — 421 pcs.
  3. Tesla Model 3 — 361 pcs.
  4. Tesla Model Y — 219 pcs.
  5. Renault Zoe — 183 pcs.
  6. Tesla Model S — 179 pcs.
  7. Volkswagen ID.4 — 149 pcs.
  8. Audi E-Tron — 89 pcs.
  9. BMW i3 — 76 pcs.
  10. Tesla Model X — 59 pcs.
  11. Hyundai Kona — 58 pcs.
  12. Hyundai Ioniq — 58 pcs.
  13. Chevrolet Bolt — 58 pcs.
  14. Mercedes-Benz B-Class — 47 pcs.
  15. Jaguar I-Pace — 47 pcs.
  16. Kia Soul — 45 pcs.
  17. Volkswagen ID.6 — 36 pcs.
  18. Kia Niro — 35 pcs.
  19. Renault Kangoo ZE — 31 pcs.
  20. Volkswagen UP — 30 pcs.

Top new electric cars

Volkswagen ID.4, which was registered for the first time in August, remains the constant leader in the segment of new electric cars271 pcs. Volkswagen ID.6 (61 units) remained in second place. Both positions include a significant portion of models that are made in China for the local domestic market.

Audi Q8 e-tron unexpectedly took third place (40 units in August), moving one step down Toyota bZ4X, which was registered with 39 units.

Rounding out the top five is the Honda e:NP1 (20 units), which is also manufactured for the Chinese market.

The most popular new electric cars in August 2023
  1. Volkswagen ID.4 — 271 pcs.
  2. Volkswagen ID.6 — 61 pcs.
  3. Audi Q8 e-tron — 40 pcs.
  4. Toyota bZ4X — 39 pcs.
  5. Honda e:NP1 — 20 pcs.
  6. BYD Yuan Plus — 20 pcs.
  7. Mercedes-Benz EQS — 17 pcs.
  8. Honda M-NV — 17 pcs.
  9. Honda e:NS1 — 14 pcs.
  10. Hyundai Ioniq 6 — 12 pcs.
  11. BMW iX — 12 pcs.
  12. Volkswagen ID.3 — 11 pcs.
  13. MG 4 — 11 pcs.
  14. BYD Tang — 11 pcs.
  15. Hyundai Kona — 10 pcs.
  16. Mercedes-Benz EQA — 9 pcs.
  17. BYD Song Plus — 9 pcs.
  18. BMW i4 — 7 pcs.
  19. Nissan X-Trail — 6 pcs.
  20. MG Marvel R — 6 pcs.

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