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Passat is no longer the leader: what was brought from abroad in May? Top 15 models

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of passenger car registrations and identified the top 15 most popular models that were imported from abroad in May.

The most popular brands among imported cars with mileage

As among domestic resales, the rating of "freshly driven" used cars has traditionally been led by the Volkswagen brand. 3,400 such cars were registered in May, which was 20.2% of the total number.

The second place was taken by the Renault brand with a share of 11.7% (1.9 thousand) . Skoda took third place ( 8.3%, 1.4 thousand units). Nissan took 4th place with a share of 6.7% (1.1 thousand units).The Ford brand took fifth place ( 6.3%, 1.1 thousand units).

The most popular brands among imported used cars, May 2023

The most popular models of used cars from abroad

Volkswagen Golf remains the leader of "freshly driven" passenger cars with mileage. They brought them in May1.1 thousand pcs.

In second place, as last month, was Skoda Octavia (745 units), in third place — Renault Megane (714 units)

The former long-term leader of imports, the used Volkswagen Passat (656 units) took fourth place at the end of May.

Closes the first five Renault Scenic (549 units).

Top 15 most popular imported cars with mileage, May 2023

In general, the May top-15 of the most popular used cars from abroad looks like this:

  1. Volkswagen Golf — 1337 pcs.
  2. Skoda Octavia — 881 pcs.
  3. Renault Megane — 784 pcs.
  4. Volkswagen Passat — 723 pcs.
  5. Renault Scenic — 573 pcs.
  6. Nissan Leaf — 402 pcs.
  7. Nissan Qashqai — 390 pcs.
  8. Ford Focus — 374 pcs.
  9. Volkswagen Touran — 346 pcs.
  10. Audi A4 — 314 pcs.
  11. Skoda Fabia — 305 pcs.
  12. Volkswagen Tiguan — 272 pcs.
  13. Opel Zafira — 271 pcs.
  14. Opel Astra — 235 pcs.
  15. Audi Q5 — 216 pcs.

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