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Here are collected statistics of imports of vehicles to Ukraine on the basis of open data of the State Customs Service of Ukraine. The information will be useful for representatives of the media, business and those interested in the automotive market of Ukraine.

How the dynamics change

Here you will follow the dynamics of car imports by types of vehicles: what is imported more and what — less.

What type of fuel predominates

Here you will see the structure of imports of cars by engine type and how the preferences of Ukrainians change over time.

Structure of imports of new and used vehicles by engine type

In which countries produce imported cars

Using this chart you will learn the countries of origin of cars. This information makes it possible to understand in which part of the world most imported vehicles are manufactured.

Countries of origin of imported cars

From which countries do Ukrainians drive cars?

From this schedule it will become clear from which countries Ukrainians bring new and used cars, and how trends change over time.

The structure of imports of cars by country of departure

How much do Ukrainians spend on cars from abroad

With this dashboard you can follow the dynamics of changes in customs value depending on the country of export. You will learn how much one car costs on average, depending on the country from which it is brought, as well as how much money Ukrainians spend on cars from abroad.

Dynamics of change in the customs value of imported cars depending on the country of export

How car customs clearance works

The cost of customs clearance of a car in Ukraine is directly proportional to its customs value. There are 6 methods of its definition. The first — the price under the contract of sale, the sixth — determined by customs with the help of "external sources". After analyzing the dynamics of the application of methods of determining the customs value, you will understand how transparently the customs works.

Dynamics and structure of application of methods of determination of customs value
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