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How will expert car research take place in a new way?


As of today, the expert review has become mandatory. It must be completed before visiting the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A resolution has entered into force that changes the procedure for re-registration of used cars from December 14. The team of the Institute of Car Market Research found out all the details directly at the Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Expert research is carried out by specialists of the expert service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or by forensic experts of state specialized institutions who have the qualification of a forensic expert with the right to conduct research in the relevant expert specialties assigned in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of Ukraine "On Judicial Expertise". That is, such experts cannot be private.

Until now, this service was voluntary, that is, the buyer could choose whether to check the car in depth or not. Only a superficial expert examination was mandatory, which was conducted by the employees of the Service Center, and which was not additionally paid for.

According to the new rules, before changing the owner of a car, you must contact an expert, go through the expert examination procedure, get an electronic opinion and within 10 days contact the Service Center or re-register the car online in "Dia".

How will expert car research take place in a new way?

During the investigation, the expert checks the authenticity of the body or frame number (VIN code), the engine number, the correspondence of the data with those specified in the registration documents and the authenticity of the latter, as well as compares the information with databases. The most common fraudulent schemes that are discovered during such research are "broken" body numbers, forged documents, "duplicate" cars, stolen cars, and even inconsistency of the installed engine with the technical characteristics of the car provided by the manufacturer.

In order to go through the procedure faster, experts recommend preparing the car for inspection: wash it and provide access to the body number and engine.

To sign up for an expert examination, the Service Centers will have an electronic queue — similar to the one that exists today during car registration. It will be possible to choose either two services at once — expert research and registration at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or only one of them. That is, you can go through both procedures at the same time, or, for example, go through an expert examination in Kyiv, and register the car in another region.

Centers that provide the service of expert examination of the vehicle are located near most service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it will also be possible to contact the offices of the Research and Expert Forensic Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Their location is given on the official website of NDEKC. The separation of the expert review procedure from the registration actions at the Service Centers will allow experts to go to work at car markets, garages and other locations that are not connected to the Service Centers.

An expert study will cost UAH 303.67 for a general inspection of the car and UAH 113.27 for an engine study. That is, in total, you will need to pay about UAH 417 for an expert study.

It is not necessary to undergo an expert examination during:

  • registration of a new car
  • change of personal data of the owner
  • deregistration of the car for scrapping
  • re-registration after installation of HBO
  • re-registration due to replacement/loss of a license plate or fixing of an individual license plate
  • restoration of the registration certificate after loss or theft
  • keeping/returning registration documents for traveling abroad
  • keeping/returning the temporary registration card for the re-registration of the vehicle
  • after installation/removal of light signaling devices
  • issuance of a duplicate certificate in case of its damage
  • registration of an inherited car
  • registration in connection with the transfer of ownership of a car under a financial leasing agreement

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