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How much do cars cost in the regions and where are the most sales ads


In October, Ukrainians purchased 69,400 used cars on the domestic market. Instead, more than 230,000 sales ads were posted on the Internet. Based on the data of the aggregator , which collects the announcements of the sale of all cars from 100 car sales sites in Ukraine, the experts of the Institute of Car Market Research determined the financial volume of the car market in October, described the situation in the regions and compiled a rating of brands by the total value of cars for sale.

Financial dynamics of the online car market

In October, Ukrainians published almost 234,000 ads for the sale of used cars. In total, these machines were worth $1.9 billion. The general trend is unchanged: the more cars are sold, the higher their total value.

Financial dynamics of the automotive market of Ukraine. Based on data

Where are the most sales ads posted?

The largest number of ads were placed in Kyiv region and Kyiv (42.4 thousand), Lviv (19.6 thousand), Dnipropetrovsk (18.9 thousand), Odesa (18.1 thousand) and Kharkiv (11.2 thousand). ) regions.

The number of ads for the sale of used cars by region in October 2022. Based on data

The fewest sales offers were recorded in Kherson (602), Luhansk (1.4 thousand), Donetsk (4.1 thousand), Kirovohrad (4.7 thousand) and Chernihiv (5.2 thousand) regions.

What is the total cost of the cars in the ads

The highest total value of cars in online ads was found in Kyiv region and Kyiv ($490.2 million), as well as Lviv ($168.4 million), Odesa ($148.8 million), Dnipropetrovsk ($145 million), and Ivano-Frankivsk ($78 .5 million) regions.

The total value of used cars in sales announcements by region in October 2022. Based on data

Cars in Internet ads published in Kherson ($3.8 million), Luhansk ($13.3 million), Mykolaiv ($23.7 million), Donetsk ($23.9 million) and Kirovohrad ($26.1 million) were collectively worth the least money ) regions.

How much do cars cost in the regions?

As for prices, the highest average price of passenger cars on the Internet was recorded in Kyiv region and the capital (average price $7,300), Luhansk ($6,700), Volyn ($6,300), Lviv ($6,259) and Rivne ($6,150) regions.

The average cost of used cars in sales ads by region in October 2022. Based on data

The lowest average cost was found in Donetsk ($3,300), Mykolaiv ($3,450), Kherson ($3,800), Chernihiv ($4,100) and Zaporizhia ($4,500) regions.

Which car brands are worth the most?

Volkswagen cars ($220.5 million), Mercedes-Benz ($160.6 million) and BMW ($149.4 million) were worth the most on the Internet among sales ads in October. At the same time, the total cost is not always higher for those brands with a larger number of ads, because the average cost varies between brands. Thus, among the top 10 brands by total value, the largest number of ads in October was Volkswagen (25,300 units), on the other hand, the highest average price — Toyota ($10,300), and the lowest — Ford ($5,999) .

The most popular 10 brands by the total value of the car in the ads. Based on data
  • Volkswagen — $220.5 million, 25,260 ads, average price $6,700
  • Mercedes-Benz — $160.6 million, 11,863 ads, average price $7,500
  • BMW — $149.4 million, 10,784 ads, average price $8,500
  • Toyota — $127.5 million, 8,481 ads, average price $10,300
  • Audi — $109.6 million, 8,805 ads, average price $7,400
  • Renault — $95.5 million, 13,738 ads, average price $6,200
  • Ford — $82.9 million, 11,536 ads, average price $5,999
  • Skoda — $80.2 million, 10,897 ads, average price $6,200
  • Nissan — $75.1 million, 7,972 ads, average price $8,999
  • Hyundai — $73.6 million, 7,675 ads, average price $8,000

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