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Almost new: sales of cars less than 3 years old are catching up with sales of new ones. October results

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Cars up to three years old are actively competing with the segment of new passenger cars. Buyers often prefer used cars because of their lower price and, no less importantly, for the opportunity to buy a car "today for today". Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of car registrations in October and identified the top used models up to three years old in the import of used cars and domestic resale of cars.

Dynamics of the market of passenger cars up to 3 years old

In October, Ukrainians purchased 2,800 used cars under 3 years old. This is 56% more than in the same period last year and -9.7% less than in September 2022.

More than half ( 64%, 1.8 thousand units) were purchased on the domestic market, the remaining 36% (1 thousand units) were brought used from abroad. From May to September inclusive, sales of such cars increased, and in October a slight decline was recorded.

Dynamics of sales of passenger cars under 3 years of age during October 2021 — October 2022

So, over the last year, the segment of "almost new" cars has almost doubled and almost caught up with the sales of new cars (according to the results of October, Ukrainians bought 3,200 new passenger cars). This may be related both to the economic situation in the country, when Ukrainians in wartime use funds more rationally and prefer cheaper used cars with low mileage, and to the reluctance to wait a long time for a new car from official dealers.

The most popular passenger cars under 3 years old on the domestic market

Among the "almost new" cars in October, Volkswagen ID.4, which leads the rankings of domestic resales and new electric cars, had the most demand. 86 such models were purchased.

In second place is Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (79 units), and in third place is Toyota RAV-4 (79 units). Two more models of this brand also made it to the top five: Camry (67 units) and Land Cruiser (also 67 units).

In general, most of the top 10 most popular cars under 3 years old are premium models.

The most popular passenger cars under 3 years old on the domestic market, October 2022
  1. Volkswagen ID.4 — 86 pcs.
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado — 79 pcs.
  3. Toyota RAV-4 — 79 pcs.
  4. Toyota Camry — 67 pcs.
  5. Toyota Land Cruiser — 67 pcs.
  6. KIA Sportage — 63 pcs.
  7. Volkswagen Touareg — 50 pcs.
  8. BMW X5 — 40 pcs.
  9. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Classe — 37 pcs.
  10. Audi Q8 — 33 pcs.

The most popular used cars up to 3 years old, imported from abroad

Electric Volkswagen ID.4 (124 units) was also most often brought from abroad among the "almost new" cars under 3 years old.

The second place in the rating was taken by Tesla Model Y (80 units), and the third place by Honda M-NV (69 units).

The fourth place was taken by another TeslaModel 3 (54 units), and the Nissan Leaf (21 units) took the fifth place.

It is interesting that the first six positions in the rating are occupied by electric cars.

It is also worth noting that among the thousands of passenger cars under 3 years of age imported to Ukraine as used in October, a quarter (254 units) are 2022 models. Among them may be a significant part of the so-called "grey" imports, that is, machines documented as used, although in fact they could be new.

The most popular used cars under 3 years old, imported from abroad, October 2022
  1. Volkswagen ID.4 — 124 pcs.
  2. Tesla Model Y — 80 pcs.
  3. Honda M-NV — 69 pcs.
  4. Tesla Model 3 — 54 pcs.
  5. Nissan Leaf — 21 pcs.
  6. Audi E-Tron — 19 pcs.
  7. Ford Kuga — 19 pcs.
  8. Mazda CX-5 — 19 pcs.
  9. Toyota RAV-4 — 19 pcs.
  10. Volkswagen Tiguan — 16 pcs.

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