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Sales of tractors increased by 106%. Top models of September

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Experts of the Institute of Auto Market Research analyzed the statistics of vehicle registrations in Ukraine and determined the TOP models of September in three segments of truck tractors: import of used vehicles, domestic resale and purchase of new ones.

Dynamics of the truck tractor market

In September 2022, Ukrainians purchased 4,400 new and used truck tractors. This is 48.8% more than in the same period of last year 2021 and 17.5% more than in August 2022. Such an indicator is a record not only for the last 12 months, but also for many years of observing the car market of Ukraine.

Due to the change in logistics routes and the temporary limitation of the work of sea ports, the demand for road transportation has increased significantly. Ukrainian logistics companies are actively replenishing their fleet, because there is not enough rolling stock.

Sales dynamics of truck tractors in Ukraine during September 2021 — September 2022

The majority (55.7%) of all tractors were brought used from abroad (2.4 thousand transactions), another 40.2% were bought on the domestic market (1.8 thousand units). Only 4.1% of truck tractors were purchased new (179 units).

The average age of tractors on the domestic market was 14.7 years (this indicator increased for the second month in a row), and imported from abroad with mileage was 8.5 years (the indicator decreased for the sixth month in a row). That is, the import of used truck tractors "rejuvenates" this segment of the market.

This is due to the absence of a prohibitive excise tax on the import of used tractors. That is why the import of truck tractors from abroad is the only segment of imports that showed growth in September (by 106% compared to September 2021).

The most popular tractors on the domestic market

DAF became the leader in the Ukrainian domestic market of tractors, 581 of them were bought in September. ( 33.2% ). RENAULT (362 units, 20.7% ), MAN (344 units, 19.7% ), Volvo (215 units, 12.3% ) and Scania (118 units, 6.7% ) were also popular. .

The share of morally and technically outdated Russian-Soviet heritage, MAZ and KamAZ cars, is shrinking. In September, only 25 such units were purchased in total.

The share of used truck tractor brands in the domestic market, September 2022

The most popular model of used tractor unit on the domestic market was DAF XF, 522 of which were purchased. The second place in the rating was taken by Renault Magnum (210 units), and the third place by MANTGX (190 units).

Volvo FH (187 units) and Renault Premium (141 units) were also popular.

The most popular models of used truck tractors on the domestic market, September 2022
  1. DAF XF — 522 pcs.
  2. Renault Magnum — 210 pcs.
  3. MAN TGX — 190 pcs.
  4. Volvo FH — 187 pcs.
  5. Renault Premium — 141 pcs.
  6. MAN TGA — 118 pcs.
  7. Scania R-Series — 88 pcs.
  8. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 51 pcs.
  9. DAF CF — 49 pcs.
  10. MAN TGS — 27 pcs.

The most popular used tractors brought from abroad

The absolute majority of the park consists of European brands. The leader of the rating was DAF ( 30.6% of the total number, 742 units). The MAN brand in imports took second place with a share of 30.5% (740 units). Volvo tractors were in third place ( 14.2%, 345 units).

The top five also included Renault ( 9%, 218 units) and Scania ( 8.2%, 199 units).

Share of brands of imported used tractors, September 2022

DAF XF was the most popular for purchase abroad (1.2 thousand units). MAN TGX was in second place (862 units), and Volvo FH was in third place (498 units).

The fourth step was taken by Renault Magnum (269 units) and Scania R-Series (263 units), respectively.

The most popular models of used tractor units imported from abroad, September 2022
  1. DAF XF — 1,206 pcs.
  2. MAN TGX — 862 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 498 pcs.
  4. Renault Magnum — 269 pcs.
  5. Scania R-Series — 263 pcs.
  6. Renault Premium — 225 pcs.
  7. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 180 units.
  8. MAN TGA — 133 pcs.
  9. DAF CF — 105 pcs.
  10. Renault T-Truck — 80 pcs.

The most popular new tractors

During September, Ukrainians mostly bought new Mercedes-Benz tractor units (23.5%, 42 units), DAF (21.8%, 39 units) and Volvo (20.1%, 39 units). In general, the number of sales is so small that the sale of even a few vehicles can completely change the rating.

Brand share of new truck tractors, September 2022

Mercedes-Benz Actros (42 units) became the leader in sales of new truck tractors. Second place was taken by DAF XF (39 units), and third place by Volvo FH (36 units). Scania R-Series (26 units) and MAN TGX (13 units) also made it to the top five.

The most popular models of new truck tractors, September 2022
  1. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 42 pcs.
  2. DAF XF — 39 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 36 pcs.
  4. Scania R-Series — 26 pcs.
  5. MAN TGX — 13 pcs.
  6. Renault T-Truck — 9 pcs.
  7. Scania S-Series — 8 pcs.
  8. Daewoo Maximus — 3 pcs.
  9. Iveco Stralis — 2 pcs.
  10. Scania G-Series — 1 pc.

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