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What electric cars were sold in September? Top 10 new and used models

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Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of registrations of «electric cars» in Ukraine and determined the TOP models in three segments: import of used cars, domestic resale and purchase of new cars.

Dynamics of the electric car market

In September, Ukrainians bought almost 2,500 electric cars. This is 50.8% more than in September last year and 1.4% less than in August 2022. The trend of falling sales of electric cars has been observed for the second month in a row.

Dynamics of sales of electric cars in Ukraine, September 2021 — September 2022

The majority of electric cars in September ( 53.4%, 1130 units) were brought used from abroad. The share of imports also decreased for the second month in a row, in August and September it was 58.1% and 56.3%, respectively.

On the domestic market, 35.8% of the total number of sold cars with an electric motor (892 units) were purchased. In August, there were more of them — 37.1%.

On the other hand, sales of new electric cars grew: 10.7% of the total number (267 units). Thus, Septemberʼs figure became the second in 2022, after May, when the biggest fuel crisis was observed.

TOP of the most popular electric cars on the domestic market

In September, electric cars of the Nissan brand were the most popular on the domestic market (285 units, 32.6%). In second place was Volkswagen (138 units, 15.8%), and Tesla (126 units, 14.4%) was not in third place. The fourth place was taken by Renault (71 units, 8.1%), the fifth place was taken by BMW (32 units, 3.7%), respectively.

Share of brands in sales of electric vehicles in the domestic market, September 2022

As for models, the bestseller among sales on the domestic market remains the Nissan Leaf, which has become the leader by a large margin as usual. In September, 270 purchase and sale agreements of such models were concluded.

The second and third places were taken by two Volkswagens : E-Golf (64 units) and ID.4 (57 units).

The most affordable Tesla Model 3 was in fourth place (56 deals), and the compact Renault Zoe was in fifth place (48 units).

The most popular models of electric cars on the domestic market, September 2022
  1. Nissan Leaf — 270 pcs.
  2. Volkswagen Golf — 64 pcs.
  3. Volkswagen ID.4 — 57 pcs.
  4. Tesla Model 3 — 56 pcs.
  5. Renault Zoe — 48 pcs.
  6. Tesla Model S — 41 pcs.
  7. Chevrolet Bolt — 26 pcs.
  8. BMW i3 — 25 pcs.
  9. Audi E-Tron — 23 pcs.
  10. Tesla Model X — 17 pcs.

TOP imported used electric cars

The first 5 positions of the most popular brands of used electric cars, which Ukrainians brought from abroad in September 2022, almost repeat the top of domestic sales. The only difference is that instead of BMW, Honda took the fifth place.

The share of brands in the import of used electric vehicles, September 2022

Nissal Leaf (258 units) also became the leader among «freshly driven electric cars», and Volkswagen E-Golf (106 units) took second place. The third place was taken by Renault Zoe (98 units).

Volkwagen ID.4 (96 units) took fourth place. As the experts of the Institute of Car Market Research previously determined, this model is often brought not only from Europe and America, but also from China.

In general, there is a noticeable trend of increasing imports from abroad of more affordable models of electric cars.

It should also be noted that in September, 132 electric cars that were registered as used were produced in 2022, meaning they may actually be new or with minimal mileage, in near-new condition.

The most popular models of used imported electric cars, September 2022
  1. Nissan Leaf — 258 pcs.
  2. Volkswagen Golf — 106 pcs.
  3. Renault Zoe — 98 pcs.
  4. Volkswagen ID.4 — 96 pcs.
  5. Tesla Model 3 — 91 pcs.
  6. Tesla Model Y — 59 pcs.
  7. Honda M-NV — 43 pcs.
  8. Tesla Model S — 36 pcs.
  9. Audi E-Tron — 32 pcs.
  10. Chevrolet Bolt — 31 pcs.

TOP new electric cars

In the rating of new electric cars in September 2022, the first place was taken by Volkswagen (121 units, 45.3%), which is actively increasing its presence on the electric car market in all segments. Honda took second place (43 units, 16.1%). On the third step was the Chinese BYD (25 units, 9.4%).

Mercedes-Benz (7.5%, 20 units) and Jaguar (12 units, 4.5%) also made it to the September top five.

Share of brands in sales of new electric vehicles, September 2022

Nissan Leaf dropped out of the top 10 new electric cars in September. Volkswagen ID.4 (97 units) took the first place according to the results of the month.

The second place was taken by Honda M-NV (36 units), and the third place was taken by the Chinese BYD E-2 (14 units). The fourth position was taken by another Volkswagen — ID.6 (14 units), the fifth — Jaguar I-Pace (12 units). The number of sales of the rest of the rating models is less than ten pieces.

The most popular new electric cars in September 2022
  1. Volkswagen ID.4 — 97 pcs.
  2. Honda M-NV — 36 pcs.
  3. BYD E-2 — 14 pcs.
  4. Volkswagen ID.6 — 14 pcs.
  5. Jaguar I-Pace — 12 pcs.
  6. Audi E-Tron — 9 pcs.
  7. Mercedes-Benz EQA — 9 pcs.
  8. Mercedes-Benz EQC — 9 pcs.
  9. Volkswagen ID.3 — 8 pcs.
  10. Volvo XC40 — 5 pcs.

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