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What did Ukrainians buy in September? Top 20 used cars on the domestic market

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Despite the stress caused by the war in Ukraine, the car market remains active: during September, Ukrainians concluded almost 79,000 purchase and sale agreements. Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of car registrations and identified the top 20 most popular used models that were bought in Ukraine in September.

The most popular brands in the domestic market

The first among car brands that were bought on the domestic market in September 2022, Volkswagen appeared again. Ukrainians bought 9.8 thousand cars of this brand, which is 12.4% of the total number. In second place came the products of the Russian-Soviet VAZ (6.4%, 5,000 units).

The share of VAZ cars, compared to October 2021, almost halved from 10.3%, while the share of Volkswagen increased from 10.9%. However, if compared with August 2022, the opposite trend is noticeable here: the share of Volkswagen has decreased (from 13%), and Russian VAZs have increased in the sales structure (the share in the previous month was recorded at the level of 5.9%). That is, the trend of replacing these machines with used models of Western manufacturers has stopped.

The third place in the rating was taken by Renault (5.7%, 4.5 thousand units), and the fourth place by Skoda (5.4%, 4.2 thousand units). Toyota closes the top five with a share of 5.3% (13.9 thousand units). Mercedes-Benz (5.0%), BMW (4.9%), Ford (4.9%), Opel (4.5%) and Hyundai (4.5%) also entered the TOP-10.

Shares of brands among domestic resales of used cars, September 2022

The most popular models in the domestic market

According to the results of September 2022, the leader of the Ukrainian market remains Volkswagen Passat (2.9 thousand units), and Daewoo Lanos and its modifications came in second place, with 2.7 thousand units. That is, it can be stated that the era of "Lanos", which led the rating of domestic resale of passenger cars in Ukraine, has finally ended, and it is gradually falling down the rating. These cars are gradually being replaced by "Passats" imported from abroad, which has been leading the ranking of imported cars with mileage for almost 4 years.

Top 20 most popular used cars on the domestic market, September 2022

Another positive trend — compared to September 2021, only one VAZ out of four remained in the list: the "nine" 2109 and its modification 21099, which fell from 4th place to 10th last year. Other Russian-Soviet models dropped out of the top 20.

The trend of increasing sales of typical cars from America is also noticeable: Hyundai Sonata rose from 20th position to 18th, and Mitsubishi Lancer — from 23rd to 20th.

In general, the September rating of resales of used cars in the domestic market looks like this:

  1. Volkswagen Passat — 2,847 units.
  2. Lanos & Sens — 2,671 pcs.
  3. Skoda Octavia — 2,390 units.
  4. Volkswagen Golf — 2,241 units.
  5. Renault Megane — 1,319 units.
  6. Ford Focus — 1,231 units.
  7. BMW 5 Series — 1,134 units.
  8. Skoda Fabia — 1,099 pcs.
  9. Opel Astra — 1,098 pcs.
  10. VAZ 2109/99 — 1,065 pcs.
  11. BMW 3 Series — 1,063 units.
  12. Audi A6 — 1,025 units.
  13. Chevrolet Aveo — 957 pcs.
  14. Toyota Camry — 947 pcs.
  15. Audi A4 — 893 units.
  16. Mercedes-Benz E-Class — 875 units.
  17. BMW X5 — 826 pcs.
  18. Hyundai Sonata — 787 pcs.
  19. Renault Scenic — 785 pcs.
  20. Mitsubishi Lancer — 715 pcs.

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