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The import of used cars without zero customs clearance decreased by 7 times, but still exists

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During the operation of the so-called zero customs clearance, several records were set in the import of used cars from abroad. The main one is the number of cars with mileage brought by Ukrainians. After the cancellation of the possibility to import cars without paying customs duties, imports significantly "slowed down", and experts predicted a further decline. However, as recent statistics show , the market is still alive.

In August, about 18,800 new and used cars underwent customs clearance. About 15,000 of them were used. For comparison, in July 2022, the first month after the cancellation of zero customs clearance, the total number of imported passenger cars was 13,600. About half of them were used. That is, the total increase in imports between June and July 2022 amounted to 38%. However, if the indicators are compared with other months, and especially quantitatively, the picture does not look so optimistic.

Yes, compared to June of this year, when there was still zero customs clearance (more than 100,000 imported used cars per month), this is almost 7 times less. If compared with last August 2021, which turned out to be a record for the Ukrainian car market, this is 4 times less. However, the market is alive and this gives hope, experts of the Institute of Car Market Research say.

Regarding the price structure of cars with mileage, which were issued in August, the majority of cars ( 45% ) cost less than $6 thousand. About 8,500 such machines were imported. 3,990 units of cars worth $6-10,000 were registered, 4,527 units were in the price range of $10,000-30,000, and only 1,717 units were registered for cars with a price tag of more than $30,000+. In general , the purchasing power of Ukrainians remains consistently low, and most of them need cars in an affordable price category.

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