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Sales of truck tractors break records: top 20 new and used trucks

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The market of truck tractors or, as they are called, "trucks", is especially important in times of changing logistics routes and general reorientation of freight transportation. Sales of such vehicles are growing and even setting records. And this means that the economy of Ukraine is working and needs to increase mobility. Experts of the Institute of Car Market Research analyzed the statistics of vehicle registrations in Ukraine and identified the TOP models in three segments of truck tractors: import of used, domestic resale and purchase of new ones.

Dynamics of the truck tractor market

From January to June 2022, Ukrainians purchased 10,400 new and used truck tractors. This is -16.6% less than in the same period last year in 2021. However, if we analyze the monthly results, then in June sales set a record: 3.2 thousand transactions. The last time such a number of "fours" was sold more than two years ago — in October 2019.That is, the market of truck tractors has significantly increased.

The reason for such an increase in demand for tractors was a change in logistics routes. Goods, which used to be delivered by sea, today need to be transported by road transport.

Dynamics of tractor unit sales in Ukraine during June 2021 — June 2022

According to the results of the first half of 2022, 50.6% of all tractors were purchased used on the domestic market (5.3 thousand transactions), another 46.1% were brought from abroad (4.8 thousand units). Only 8.9% of truck tractors were purchased new (342 units). At the same time, there is a noticeable trend of growth of imported used "trucks" in the structure of sales: if at the beginning of the year their share was 34.3% (in January), then according to the results of June, 55.7% of all tractors with mileage were brought from abroad .

It is worth noting that "zero" customs clearance did not affect this segment of imports in any way, because it did not apply to "trucks" : they were cleared at the usual rates, paying customs fees in full.

It is interesting that the majority of tractors with mileage on the domestic market were purchased by individuals ( 79.5% ); more than half of used "furs" from abroad were also registered by private buyers ( 56.8% ); and only legal entities ( 95% ) were the buyers of almost all new truck tractors.

As for the average age, the segment of semi-trailer trucks is significantly younger than other trucks, but even here there is a noticeable difference between domestic resales and imports of cars with mileage. Thus, the average age of "vans" in the domestic market is almost twice as long as in imports: 14.9 years versus 9.3 years, respectively. That is, most "trucks" in Ukraine meet the Euro-5 environmental standard.

Experts of the Car Market Research Institute believe that such indicators were achieved due to the absence of a prohibitive excise tax on the import of used tractors, unlike the import of other categories of trucks, where the average age of trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons in the domestic market is 19.5 years. By paying moderate taxes (only duty and VAT), Ukrainians are able to update their fleet of tractors from time to time thanks to the import of younger vehicles from abroad.

The most popular tractors on the domestic market

DAF was the leader in the Ukrainian domestic market of tractors, 1.8 thousand of them were bought from January to June ( 34.5% ). MAN (1.1 thousand, 20.4% ), Renault (1 thousand, 18.5% ), Volvo (0.7 thousand units, 13.2% ) and Scania (0.3 thousand units, 6.2% ).

It is noteworthy that in comparison with the same period last year in 2021, the sales of Russian-Soviet tractors are decreasing, both in terms of quantity and percentage. Thus, the share of MAZ decreased from 2.1% to 1.2%, and KamAZ — from 1.6% to 0.6%.

The share of used truck tractor brands in the domestic market, January-June 2022

The most popular model of a used truck on the domestic market was the DAF XF, 1.6 thousand of which were purchased. The second step in the rating was taken by Volvo FH (623 units), and the third by Renault Magnum (587 units).

The fourth and fifth places were taken by two popular MAN models — TGX (564 units) and TGA (379 units), respectively.

The most popular models of used truck tractors on the domestic market, January-June 2022
  1. DAF XF — 1,599 pcs.
  2. Volvo FH — 623 pcs.
  3. Renault Magnum — 587 pcs.
  4. MAN TGX — 564 pcs.
  5. MAN TGA — 379 pcs.
  6. Renault Premium — 374 pcs.
  7. Scania R-Series — 253 pcs.
  8. DAF CF — 182 pcs.
  9. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 128 pcs.
  10. MAN TGS — 94 pcs.

The most popular used tractors brought from abroad

Unlike the segment of passenger cars, there are no "Americans" in the list of popular models of used tractors from abroad. The absolute majority of the park consists of European brands. The leader of the rating was MAN ( 34.8% of the total number, 1.7 thousand units). The DAF brand, leading the ranking of domestic resales, took second place in imports with a share of 29.7% (1.4 thousand units). Volvo tractors came in third place ( 12.8%, 0.6 thousand units).

Renault trucks ( 9.3%, 0.4 thousand units) and Scania ( 6.7%, 0.3 thousand units) also entered the top five.

Share of brands of imported used tractors, January-June 2022

DAF XF was the most popular for purchase abroad (2.8 thousand units). The MAN TGX was in second place (1.9 thousand units), and the Volvo FH was in third place (1.2 thousand units).

Renault Magnum (0.8 thousand units) and Premium (0.6 thousand units) tractors took the fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The most popular models of used truck tractors imported from abroad, January-June 2022
  1. DAF XF — 2,801 pcs.
  2. MAN TGX — 1,941 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 1,157 pcs.
  4. Renault Magnum — 744 pcs.
  5. Renault Premium — 591 pcs.
  6. Scania R-Series — 508 pcs.
  7. MAN TGA — 447 pcs.
  8. DAF CF — 405 pcs.
  9. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 330 units.
  10. MAN TGS — 282 pcs.

The most popular new trucks

Compared to the same period last year, during January-June 2022, Ukrainians purchased 8.9% more new truck tractors. However, their number is not measured in thousands, but in hundreds, so a difference of even a few vehicles sold can significantly change the distribution of shares of brands and models in the market.

More than half of the purchased new tractors in the first half of 2022 are products of the MAN brand ( 57.6%, 197 units). In second place, by a large margin, was Scania ( 11.7%, 40 units). The third place was taken by the Mercedes-Benz brand ( 8.8%, 30 units), and the fourth place by Volvo ( 7.9%, 27 units). Rounding out the top 5 new tractors in Ukraine is DAF with a share of 6.7% (23 units).

Share of brands of new used tractors, January-June 2022

MAN TGX (172 units) turned out to be the leader in sales of new truck tractors. The second place was taken by Mercedes-Benz Actros (30 units), and the third place by Volvo FH (27 units). MAN TGS (24 units) and Scania R-Series (24 units) were also popular.

The most popular models of new truck tractors, January-June 2022
  1. MAN TGX — 172 pcs.
  2. Mercedes-Benz Actros — 30 pcs.
  3. Volvo FH — 27 pcs.
  4. MAN TGS — 25 pcs.
  5. Scania R-Series — 24 pcs.
  6. DAF XF — 23 pcs.
  7. Scania S-Series — 13 pcs.
  8. Iveco Stralis — 6 pcs.
  9. MAZ 6430 — 5 pcs.
  10. Renault T-Truck — 4 pcs.

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