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Imports of used cars fell almost 10 times

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During July, 13,900 new and used cars were brought to Ukraine from abroad, Peopleʼs Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak reported. Thus, the import of used cars decreased almost 10 times compared to June.

During this period, the budget received 1.72 billion UAH of direct revenues, in particular:

  • Import duty — UAH 384 million
  • Excise tax — UAH 263 million
  • VAT — UAH 1,079 million

If you subtract customs payments for new cars from this amount, the figures will be much lower, because the amount of VAT and customs duty depends proportionally on their value. New cars are more expensive, and therefore more taxes were paid for them. On average, 124.2 thousand hryvnias of taxes were paid for one car in July.

Experts of the Research Institute believe that the volumes of used car imports will be even smaller in August. " Many cars were included in the July statistics, which Ukrainians bought during the period of "zero" customs clearance, but did not have time, — explains the head of the Institute of Research of the Auto Market, Stanislav Buchatskyi. ". After this delayed demand is satisfied, the indicators will be even worse, predicts the expert.

A decrease in the number of imports was observed in practice in the auto business. In July, the exchange rate increased significantly. Since cars are sold abroad for euros or dollars, customs duty and VAT are proportional to the value of the car in hryvnias, and excise tax is calculated in euros — the cost of customs clearance in the national currency also increases.

"This significantly reduces the solvency of Ukrainians, the import of cars from abroad becomes economically unprofitable, as a result — the demand for services decreases significantly" -Yulia Rykovska, director of the West Auto Hub company, says. "The work of a business is also about paying taxes, jobs, economic activity, which is quite important now. In such difficult times for everyone, it would be worthwhile to find a compromise in the field of taxation, taking into account the circumstances," adds the representative of the auto business.

It is interesting that in July there was an increase in the activity of both sellers and buyers in online sales of motor vehicles. Catalogs of offers continued to be replenished with "freshly driven" cars, which, after registration and certain preparation, went on sale. In turn, potential buyers show increased interest, in fact, in the remnants of the main wave of "freshly driven" cars.

Also, some sellers, who were afraid to set a certain price for their cars during the "zero customs clearance" period, so as not to reduce the price, returned to selling at the "old" prices. " However, in the following months, after the rather rapid exhaustion of the stocks on the market of the mentioned "freshly driven" cars, the increase in the price of transporting cars from the USA and the increase in the exchange rate, we will most likely have to observe a certain decrease in the pace of car sales, and not only on the Internet, but also in general - says Ostap Novytskyi, AUTO.RIA analyst.

It is difficult to estimate how many more indirect losses will result from the stoppage of imports and the reduction of population mobility, the Institute of Auto Market Research emphasizes. But they once again remind about the need for a comprehensive reform of the sphere of import of vehicles. In particular, by introducing "smartphone customs clearance". The relevant draft laws were initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers back in June, but until today, for some reason, they were not even considered at the meetings of the specialized committees of the Verkhovna Rada.

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