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Customs clearance in Diya — the Verkhovna Rada supported the relevant draft law as a basis

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The Peopleʼs Deputies of Ukraine actively took up the reform of the auto business code. Yesterday, in the first reading, the draft law on the simplification of trade in used cars was adopted , and today the long-awaited "customs clearance" was launched in Diya. Draft Law No. 10380 was adopted on the basis of 269 votes.

According to Peopleʼs Deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, draft law No. 10380 was supported by 269 "For" votes in the first reading. The next step provided for by the Regulation is to finalize this document, discuss it in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada and submit it for the second reading (as a whole) to the session hall of the Parliament. This will take some time, usually it lasts from several weeks to several months, the Institute of Auto Market Research explains.

"Remote customs clearance" will operate temporarily, until Ukraine acquires the status of EU membership. The main innovation is that passenger cars will be assessed using a single database for determining the customs value, which, according to the authors of the initiative, should eliminate the corruption component. However, the same principle will exclude the possibility (more precisely, make it economically impractical) of customs clearance of cars purchased at insurance auctions.

The principles of transport taxation (duty, excise, VAT, other fees) remain the same as they are now. Also, the new service will work only as an option, i.e. the current possibility of customs clearance with the submission of a declaration and accompanying documents to customs will remain.

For more details on how customs clearance will work in Diya (based on the text of the draft law voted as the basis) and how it can change the scene of the auto business, read   review of draft law No. 10380 by experts of the Institute of Car Market Research.

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