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A new player on the Ukrainian car market: Czech Cebia will check the history of used cars

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A new player has appeared on the Ukrainian automobile market: the Ukrainian version of the used car history check service Cebia has launched . In order to use the service, it is enough to enter the VIN code of the car. The company has been working in the European Union for more than 30 years, and now has ambitious plans for Ukraine. The Institute of Car Market Research learned all the details from the primary source.

With the help of the Cebia Car History vehicle history check system — the main product of the Czech company — you can detect artificially reduced mileage, the carʼs participation in road accidents and their number, the type of damage, find out the country of manufacture, the actual year of manufacture, the date of first registration, and check against stolen databases cars, or sometimes the car is not in leasing or credit, and also — to view the service history, basic and additional equipment of the car. In addition, for some cars, photos of the car after the accident or from sales ads on the Internet are available. As a bonus, users receive detailed instructions on how to check the originality of the VIN plates to ensure its authenticity and avoid buying a car with a broken VIN.

The Cebia company was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1991, in the Czech Republic. It is one of the first companies in the European Union that works in the field of collecting automotive data and generating reports on the history of vehicles based on it. Today, Cebia is owned by EAG, a holding company from the Portiva investment group, whose interests are focused on energy, commercial real estate, technology, digital services in the automotive sector and investment funds. Cebiaʼs experience helps European motorists fight fraud. Even the police and forensic experts turn to her to get additional information about the car.

History verification is only one of the companyʼs activities, but in Ukraine they start with it: today the need for such services is the greatest, say Cebia. "Our system contains data on cars from almost all over the world, although most of them, of course, are from Europe. Cars originating from the European Union make up the majority of the offer on the market of this continent," explains Martin Payer, director of Cebia. Today, the company operates, in addition to the Czech Republic and Ukraine, on the Romanian, Slovak, English and German markets, and is also actively preparing to enter the markets of other countries.

"We decided to start work in Ukraine, because the local used car market is actively and dynamically developing. Sales of used cars are growing, and with them — the need to check the history of these cars. Because, unfortunately, the level of fraud on the Ukrainian market is quite high: it is both the concealment of past road accidents and damages, and the "twisting" of mileage, says Paer. Most of the used cars sold in Ukraine on the secondary market are imported from the European Union, so the new product should be interesting for Ukrainians, Cebia believes.

For representatives of the auto business — car dealers, importers and sellers of used cars — a special partner affiliate program is provided: discounts on the purchase of reports and bonuses for the sale of the product. The plans include integration with as many car sales sites and marketplaces as possible. "We want to be as close as possible to our customers and help at the right moment when our services will help them not to become victims of fraudsters," says the head of Cebia, adding that for this purpose the company is launching marketing and communication campaigns in Ukraine.

The car history check system is available 24/7 online at The cost of the report in Ukraine depends on the volume of available information in the database and starts at 499 hryvnias per piece.

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